Thursday, June 12, 2014

Snail Trail cutting

Super simple cutting for the snail trail block.......first cut a stack of fat quarters into 12 inch squares then take the top square and press in half cross wise, lengthwise and twice diagonally. You will find out for sure if your square is square or if over years of use you have shaved the sides so your cutting square isn't square anymore.  Might be time for a new ruler.
The first pile I cut I moved the ruler around the square 4 times this is quicker.....match the diagonal line on the square up ruler with a crosswise fold, the 8 1/2 inch marks on the ruler should match the lengthwise crease, check all points again and cut.

Flip the square around, match the crease and the 8 1/2inch marks again, your first 2 cuts should match the 8 1/2  inch lines on the ruler. Check all points again and cut.
Now match the diagonal line on the ruler with the diagonal crease on the fabric. The 6 inch mark should match  your creases, cut and flip ruler, match the 6 inch lines and points again and cut. Easy.
The 3rd cut will match the 4 1/4 inch marks on the ruler and the 4th cut will match the 3 inch marks. Cut the 3 inch square into 1 1/2 inch squares. Easy. Always match the diagonal line on the ruler with the crease and check all points before cutting.

Now it's time to play with your block parts and arrange and rearrange until you are happy and sew them back together again. On this batch of blocks I am sewing a 3/8 inch seam for the 4 patch in the center that gives me a little more seam allowance for the first round of triangles and I should have square corners on all the 4-patches. --Ann--


Raewyn said...

Thanks for this!

Vic in NH said...

Wonderful tutorial, thank you!