Monday, May 23, 2022

Spa day


Spa day for the wool sweaters. I really don’t mind the extra fuss for my wool sweaters they keep me warm and make me feel good so I need to return the favor. First a soak in sudsy water not too warm and not too cool. Then a rinse and a squeeze and into the washer for a little spin, if they look like I descended from apes then into the dryer on medium for 20 minutes or so.  Super wash wools have been treated so the scales on the fibers don’t join hands and felt and become smaller, they stretch and stretch instead, the dryer brings them back to fitting the human race. My sweaters that are not superwash wool get a little hair conditioner in the rinse that makes them very soft then they get to relax in the sun on the deck until they are dry. Sometimes they hang out with me in the sunroom. They are all carefully folded and stacked on the shelf in my closet and wrapped in cotton fabric because the wee beasties that like to chew through the wool don’t like to eat their vegetables. Cotton is plant fiber and wool is protein.  They are safely tucked away until next fall. ~~Ann~~

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Ramona said...

Love your photo! It’s so nice to be able to give our sweaters a rest, isn’t it?