Friday, June 24, 2022

Quilt labels


I’m way behind on making labels for my finished quilts mostly because I need to learn how to use the memory features of my new (last summer) sewing machine. That was part of the  class last fall but that was last fall. And I usually can’t remember what was yesterday’s wordle  word was. I watched the sewing mastery videos  then tried to touch the pad in the right order then watched the video again.  I finally got it right!  Then I made a list of all the quilts that need labels…..I made a couple more because repetition does reinforce memory… four more to sew. Ann


Ramona said...

I am so bad about labeling my quilts. I should do what you’ve done and go back and label a lot of them now. Great job on making yours!

Judy S. said...

What fun labels! Nice work.

Debra said...

You can include me on labeling my fini quilts....once the binding is on I consider it done!!