Monday, February 20, 2017

Visiting quilts

 Hubby and I had a wonderful trip to San Diego to visit a niece and her hubby and little boy.  It was so fun to see their new old house with so much character and a thrill so see the quilts I have given her have been used and loved the way a quilt should be used.  Another quilt for her is in the thought process.  Thank you L, D and B for the wonderful hospitality and the private tour guide service.  --Ann--

Friday, February 17, 2017

On the needles

Yesterday felt like a Monday and today feels like Tuesday after being gone for a week but it really is Friday.  HD gave me 3 skeins of Mrs. Crosby Train Case yarn for Christmas.  It is hand dyed yarn and to my eye one skein was lighter but there were no dye lots on the label.  Maybe its the way it was wound, maybe its the light, maybe its my eyes, maybe its the flash,  I wound the skeins into balls and one was still lighter.  I started with the lighter ball because it is always more flattering on a small chested woman to have the lighter color on top.  I knit to the bottom of the sleeve then did the neck ribbing with the light skein.  Then I started alternating the light yarn with the darker ball to blend them together.  I saved some of the light to do the same with the sleeves.  I guess thats part of the charm of hand dyed yarns unless you hand pick them from the store they might not be a perfect match.  The pattern is Vida Dulce by Vera Sanon.  I made this sweater last fall with the same yarn and love the way it fits and wears.
Progress on the scarf, not much left of the first skein so I started a stocking cap from the second.  I'll see how far that ball goes before I send for another skein to finish the scarf.   There was a heat wave here on the plains while we were in sunny San Diego  The only snow left is on the north side of buildings and evergreens and piles that were over 3 feet high.  I may not need the cap or scarf until next winter but I'm going to knit until the yarn is gone before I call for another skein.  Maybe the scarf will be long enough.  Linking to Judy's OTN  --Ann--

Monday, February 6, 2017

Design Wall Nine Patches

 First I thought I wanted diagonal row of 9 patches.  Then I glanced at it without turning the lights on in my sewing room and I saw a partial ring of dark around some light fabrics so I made more rings.
I grouped 9 patches by color and value and the alternating blocks also by color and value.
 The blues gravitated to the outside of the quilt.
 A few more fabric changes and the outside border of blue 9 patches moved to the odd double 9 patch blocks making the blues zig zag around the quilt.
I will look at this for a couple days before I sew it together and probably move a few more blocks.  Linking to Patchworktimes Design Wall Monday  
Another great day to quilt here on the prairie. --Ann--

Friday, February 3, 2017

On the needles

Road trip last weekend so I finished my gloves in the car the stripes even match!  Then I finished the socks for son.  I knit yet another pair of duffers from leftover balls of yarn because I helped darling niece finish a pair that she started last year when we were there and didn't take the camera along for a picture of her duffers.  I'm sending these to DD for her to felt to fit her feet.  I also bought some alpaca yarn for a scarf for my new coat the pattern is a reversible cable so there are 5 cables on this side and 4 on the other with garter stitch on the edges.
Forecast has changed here to NO snow just cold and sunny but then it is supposed to warm up and all the rest of snow is going to melt.  The poor little snowman next door lost his nose then his whole head fell off in the wind.  So sad.  Linking to Judy's OTN  --Ann--

Thursday, February 2, 2017

playing with 9 patches

No groundhogs here but I did see a fox as I was drinking my coffee this morning.  Hubby saw it first, the fox was walking at a pretty good clip right through our backyard and there was no way I could get the camera in time and then to focus through the screen I might have gotten the tip of his tail.  We both saw a fox today what could that possibly mean?  a. The fox was hungry and he came to town to scavenge for food too bad for him its recycle pick up day.  b. We both still have pretty good eyesight.  c. He came to town to buy new boots. d. Only the fox knows that kinda like none of the above.  Its still cold here with the possibility of more snow in the coming days.  Fox or groundhogs its another good day to quilt.
I still have 200 and some 9 patches leftover from the last quilt to play with and strips that I could make more.  Nine patch fever instead of cabin fever.   There are so many possibilities.  Hope you are staying warm and happy ground hogs day to you .  --Ann--

Friday, January 27, 2017

On the needles

A little bit of blue sky peeked through the clouds yesterday as I came out of the eye doctors office with extra dark glasses on and I couldn't enjoy the moment.  After so many grey days I expected to hear the alleluia chorus with the blue sky.  There's more blue sky today hallelujah!  but that means its going to get cold again.  Its winter in South Dakota its supposed to be that way and it does no good to whine or complain.  Its good weather to knit!
It looks like a need a knitting intervention with all I have knit in the last couple weeks.  I knit a couple more pair of the duffers slipper pattern  I love that pattern but I need to remember to bind off really loose or the cuff can be too tight after it is felted.  The other pair are Monique Rae's slipper pattern for guys.  Only a couple more inches and the socks will be done in plenty of time for son's birthday and four fingers and thumbs left on the gloves.  Linking to Judy's OTN staying warm in hand knits. --Ann--

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Double nine patch done!  We haven't seen blue sky here for over a week and didn't get much snow.   Its good to have indoor hobbies on gray and windy days.  --Ann--