Monday, September 16, 2019

Bluebird of Happiness

 My Bluebird of Happiness and just one thing that I did accomplish from my list last week.  It was really quite quick to knit as there aren't very many stitches in each row but there were short rows and wrap and turns with k2tog or p2tog in the next row which makes for some very bulky stitches.  It was a lot easier when I switched to knitting with a single yarn rather than the double that the pattern suggested and I used sock yarn on smaller needdles, the belly yarn was self striping and the color changes were just right.  The designer does some very delightful woodland creatures.  I'm going to try a 4 legged one next.  --Ann--

Friday, September 13, 2019

Monkey brain Ginger candy

I've had a bad case of monkey brain the past week. All my great plans of getting all kinds of thing done while hubby was off fishing have washed away with the rain, 6 inches or so in as many days.  There was one gloriously sunny day in between and I sat on the deck and did nothing but soak up some vitamin D. Maybe its from too much sugar and junk food.  I made ginger candy one day you just slice the ginger root at thin as possible then cook it in a cup of sugar and a cup and a half of water then scoop out the ginger onto paper towels and let it dry then dip in more sugar so it doesn't stick together.  Its a fraction of the cost of ginger candy from a health food store.  Then I cooked the syrup and a couple jars of syrup from past candy making and boiled it down for chewy candy. A jigger of the syrup with club soda makes a marvelous ginger ale.  The recipe had been translated and the Celsius to Fahrenheit was wrong.  I used the candy thermometer and cooked it to 225 F like the recipe said but I still like to do the drop of syrup in cold water to see how it tastes.  Well 225 F was syrup so I cooked it to 260 F firm ball like caramels and poured it onto parchment paper.  Let it cool very tasty.  Ginger candy has a burn to it like cinnamon red hots,  I love that burn.  Cutting through it -- what a mess it just melted back together.  The thought of wrapping individually in wax paper........not going to happen.  Let it sit for a day nibble nibble too much sugar for someone who doesn't eat much sugar.  I dusted it with cornstarch then cut it with my heavy duty kitchen scissors and dipped it in more cornstarch.  What a mess, cornstarch on my hands, the counter top, my shirt, my pants, my shoes, the floor, into the container then into the freezer.  I should have put layers of parchment between.  Needless to say the candy is not very pretty or photo worthy.  It will be tasty to melt a couple pieces to put in gingerbread or gingersnaps in addition to the dried spices.  If I ever  make it again I'll cook it to the hard crack stage. Between all this I have flitted from project to project and not completed anything.  That's been my week.  starting my to do list for next week,  oh wait I can use the same list!  --Ann--

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

18 years

 I remembered what day it is so I put my American flag out.  The anniversary is more somber for me this year because daughter and I visited the memorial when we were in New York City last winter.  I didn't take any pictures inside because it didn't seem right.  There is a reflecting pool in the footprint of the south tower.  The new World One Trade center and the New York skyline.  The tour of the museum ended with a short film about the weeks and months after the attack.  The last scene of the film was the budweiser super bowl commercial and the clydesdale horses bowing at the site.  --Ann--

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Color Me Happy

Another finish!  Color Me Happy is really how this one makes me feel. Those cheerful colors brightened up the many gray days we had this summer.  I had binding left from an earlier quilt and scraps to make the backing wide enough for this quilt.  I had second thoughts about the binding because it was not used in piecing this quilt.  The color changes in the bias pull it all together, a little aqua blue, a little orange, a little green and a little more orange and yellow.  I'm glad I used it. Super simple quilting to show off the fabrics and piecing.  Just a diagonal line through the 4 patches and 9 patches and arcs in the pinwheels and a little loopy thing in the side squares of the large 9 patches.  Need to think about some new projects.  --Ann--

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

another finish

 Shawls are finished for my son's fiancé, the wedding is in October.  A short burgundy wrap for her cousin the flower girl, who is 4 or 5, the bride's is also burgundy and the bridesmaids will wear burgandy dresses with the natural yarn.  They feel like a dream the yarn is kidhaze which is mohair and silk.  The count down continues.  --Ann--

Friday, August 30, 2019

1000 posts

I’ve got nothing profound or monumental for my 1000th post even though I have been thinking about this for weeks.  It has taken me 10 years to hit that number. Blogging motivates me to finish projects, to learn something new and share the successes and find humor in the failures.  It has been a great way to connect with like minded people. I’m still making important the little things, finding the beauty,  looking at the details and making it a memory.  And we all know the memory is not as sharp at it used to be.  Celebrating 1000 posts today.  --Ann--

Wednesday, August 28, 2019


The blue sweater has been ripped!!!! And starting over with a pattern that I like the way it fits.  I made with in a coral cotton yarn and have worn it a lot and I love the way the blue feels and the way it washed.  One of those great things about yarn and knitting its not done until you love it.  I hope to be wearing it this fall.  #6 of shawls for son's fiance' its over half done and will be done before September.  Sticks and string --- a happy place --Ann--