Monday, February 19, 2018

Cable Sweater

Only about 6 more inches of sleeves to knit.  I'm doing them 2 at a time which took some thought and several long walks to get it straight in my head as to how to pick up the stitches.  Maybe in another post I will explain how to do it.  But for now I'm off on an adventure with my daughter and probably wearing this sweater as I am scheduling posts while I am away to warmer places.  --Ann--

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Speed Knitting

Only a couple more twists in the cables and I'll be ready once again to knit the binding.  Its amazing how fast I can knit on a short cable so I'm not continually pushing stitches around and the use of a string counter to keep track of my cable twists and twizzles.  I made this one with 12 holes, I twist all the cables on loop 1 and the outside cables on loop 7,  quick counting!!!  I'll use 2 counters on the sleeves one for the cables and one for the decreases.  My center cable is doing a 1440 or a quad I need to add at least another 180 if not a 360.  Am I mixing my metaphors or just my terminology and sports??  Who would have ever thought the word grab would be used as a technical sports word in snowboarding. Rather refreshing to disassociate the word with men behaving badly and the me too revelation.  Hope you are enjoying the olympics as much as I am.  --Ann--

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Practice makes perfect

another ball of yarn stretched and drying on the swift
     I tried this sweater on again just before knitting the binding and if I were a full figure gal it would have been perfect but I'm not so I ripped again.  It was perfect in the waist and hips but even wearing a button front shirt under it would not fill the excess in the bust.  I thought about putting it away but then watching the olympics especially the segments of the athletes practicing and training I decided to have another go at it.  I just need to pick myself up or rather needles and yarn again and keep on knitting.  The cable pattern is in my head now and my hands know how tight to hold the yarn its just repetition now until its perfect and after trying it on again I think  it's right --perfect on me  fingers crossed  --Ann--

Friday, February 9, 2018

A Long Week

Its been a long week of not doing much.  I have a cold and my first thought when I get out of bed is I need a nap.  Then after my nap I am thinking about taking some night time cold medicine and going to bed.  Other than that I have been curled up in a chair either reading or knitting and drinking water.  I finished birthday socks for son in good time.  Hubby will deliver them next weekend when he goes up there ice fishing.  Also finished the schoppel wool yarn socks that is rolled like a spool. Interesting how the colors stack up as the spool gets smaller and 2 pair of socks I knit a couple years ago with the same kind of yarn just to show how differently the colors pool.  There are 2 strands of yarn on the spool and it was dyed on the spool.  I have one more spool of that yarn to knit I wonder where the colors will go. Sadly I cannot remember where I ordered it and have not seen it recently on any yarn sites I frequently visit.  I started socks for DD for her birthday, I'm doing a slip stitch pattern that works nicely on the narrow stripes.  And my sweater again.  Its a good thing I tried it on last week because I think it was sized for a teenager or my gauge was way off,  it was very snug in the under arm so rip again and start over.  I have a terrible time getting an 18 stitch gauge on size 8 needles, if I knit tight I get 19 or 20 stitches over 4 inches so I went up a needle size and was knitting 16 stitches.  Then I tried knitting loose on size 7 my gauge was still off so I went back to the size 8 and knit loose because I knit a sweater of the same gauge with the same yarn a couple years ago and it fits just right.   I also changed my raglan increased to  kf&b from m1l and m1r.  I can see the seam is more relaxed.  Time to thread a ribbon through all the stitches and try it on again.  It will either be my olympic knitting project or it will get ripped again and put away and I try a different pattern when I have forgotten all the trouble it has been.  Its almost nap time.  --Ann--

Friday, February 2, 2018

Friday knitting

 Happy Ground Hogs Day!  I was going great guns on the sweater on top then I tried it on............too big I could have worn an orange life jacket under it.  So I ripped one ball at a time by winding the yarn on my swift and misting to get the kinks out of the yarn.  Slow process to let the yarn air dry then wind into a ball again but its like starting with new yarn.  I found a different pattern with a crew neck and a simpler cable now to move all those stitches to a ribbon and try it on so I don't have to start over again.  I like the look of this cable pattern better than the first which was a braid.  And just a couple more inches on the socks for son with the skinny feet and calves, his birthday is next week.  What are you going to be working on for the super big foot ball game this weekend?  --Ann--

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Wool quilt blocks

 Its been baby steps with progress on the wools.  I washed and ironed all my Christmas table linens and wound several balls of yarn. Those little jobs are out of the way now  I have yardage and yardage of some of these fabrics  which will never be made into garments.  What was I thinking when I bought at least 4 yards of the black wool?!!  I need it for this quilt.  I cut the waist band off a skirt yesterday to make it easier to rip apart and wrapped the waist around my middle oooh there was an eight inch gap with me in the  middle.    That was 3 children and as many decades ago.  I would look anorexic if I were that thin now.  Such is life.  The skirt had pockets in the side seams and I sewed twill tape in the seam so they would lay flat and not bag with wear.  The skirt was cut on the bias and I remember sewing partial seams at the waist then let it hang for 24 hours before sewing the rest of the seam so that the hem wouldn't be scalloped  at the seams.  The little details that made the garment.   --Ann--

Thursday, January 25, 2018


 I pulled a couple boxes of wool fabrics from my closet last week.  Oh the memories that were in those boxes.  I sewed garments in my teens and twenties.  Wool was my fabric of choice in the 70's and 80's because South Dakota has long cold winters and wool keeps you warm and is stylish.  I miss those days.  These were outfits I made my last year in 4-H.  I made a short wool skirt the same as the trousers.  I liked the trousers and I liked the skirt but I never wore the jacket much.  I made it into jackets for Donald Duck dolls when my boys were small.  Some years ago, after children, when I realized I would never fit in these clothes again I tore some up to make a flying geese quilt.  My flock of geese was never large enough for a quilt so I made a couple vests and had fun wearing them a few years ago and the wools went back in the box.

Jacket from a green Irish wool my mother bought for me in 1977.  My Irish grandfather always told me how classy it looked on me.

 This is the year I'm going to make all those fabulous garments into quilts so I can enjoy the fabrics once again.  I have to think that way because deconstructing has been very difficult.  I go to my sewing room with the intention of cutting strips but rather than desecrate something I so lovingly made I find other things to do like tidy up, the sewing room was not meant to be tidy!

 Hubby and me the first year we were married.  Me in a Pendleton tweed. I remember I was just short of enough fabric for the slacks and vest so I cut a yoke for the vest, I had the width but not enough length for the vest.  Him in cotton and wranglers.   Me on the right with my Great Aunt Elsie from Ireland in 1982 she knit me a sweater back in the 60's when she came for a visit I loved that sweater and wore it to school a couple times a week.  I could wear it with my red skirt or my blue skirt or gray tweed skirt or my navy slacks or my other navy slacks.  It was like wearing a hug from Great Aunt Elsie.  memories --Ann--