Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The alps

 Hubby and I took a trip to the Alps celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.
What can I say about the Alps other than that they are gorgeous!!!!
Steep! with glaciers and snow and old towns and villages and castles.

Hotel and lake across the street at Lucerne Switzerland.  The water was clear and very blue.

Chapel Bridge in the old town

No matter what I do I can't get these two pictures side by side.  We took the cog rail up Mount Pilatus and the tram down.  It went up at a 48% grade.  Thats steep.
That zig zag is a hiking trail

 The alpine wildflowers manage to take root in the side of the mountain

Monday, August 13, 2018

today is the day..............

Today is the day that I write a blog post again.............. when bloggers I follow disappear for a few weeks I wonder what is going on in their life to make them take a break from blogging.  Are they on vacation? are they in the hospital? or someone they love?  I miss them when they are gone for a while.  I hope someone missed me.  I wrote 2 weeks worth of post while we were  on a trip.  Post and pics of that in the next few days.  Then I needed a week to get over the jet lag then I needed to start something blog worthy then I got on a roll for starting things.
I started a baby quilt one of three I need to make this fall.  I was deciding on fabric for each round and having trouble keeping my left and right angles correct.  They should all be like a log cabin construction.  Being right and left challenged my log cabin corners are not all correct.  No baby is going to cry over that but it will make a difference when I start the next set of diamonds. So I'm taking a break from this and starting another............
Equilateral triangles but I can only get 10 triangles from each strip set so I am thinking outside the box, which will probably be the name of this quilt, as to how to arrange these triangles. There are 5 matching triangles I need six for a complete hex. There may be winding paths across this quilt and some little boy with have a roadway with rivers for his little trucks and cars.
Think a while and cut strips for Christmas tree skirts.  Sometimes I just need to do some power sewing to get into the quilt routine again.  Anyway I'm back  --Ann--

Friday, July 27, 2018

ah ha moment

Sometimes I need to see things side by side to understand how they are the same and different a real ah ha moment for me.  These are all decrease stitches with yarn overs.  Starting at the lower right and working up. Knit 2 together (k2tog) with the yarn over on the right.  Not a good look.  I did the yarn over on the left on the next 4 rows. Nice even row slanting to the right.  The knit 2 through back loop (k2tbl) does not make for a nice slanting line but it is quick for turning the heel of a sock.  Slip slip knit (ssk) Is the smoothest left slanting decrease, both stitches are slipped knit wise then knit together. The last is slipping a stitch purl wise then knitting and passing the slipped stitch over (psso)  not as nice a line of stitches.  In the top rows I stacked my decreases with a yarn over then with knit front and back (kfb) just to see how they stacked up.  Not  much difference in appearance. Ah ha and now I know.  --Ann--
Socks are finished with the slip slip knit and knit 2 together.  It makes a lacy cable looking pattern.   My cheat sheet because I would knit these between other things and I forget so quickly which row I was knitting.  Maybe now after doing the swatches I can remember the stitches and the symbols, the left slant slip 1 then slip the 2nd stitch and knit.  The right slant stick the needle into the 2nd stitch, the far side of the chart.  The next pattern I knit might use different symbols.  Always check the chart!!   --Ann--

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

k2 tbl vs ssk

 Knit 2 through the back loop or slip slip knit for decreasing which looks better?
When I am knitting the heel of a sock I knit 2 through the back loop.  The sock is not for 4-H, no one is ever going to look at it that close, if the decrease line is a little wonky that's okay.  And its faster.

But for a stitch pattern on the leg of a sock or a sweater the slip slip knit really does look better.  A nice straight line that slants to the left.

Sometimes a good visual aid is better than relying on my memory.
Practical application slip slip knit leaning to the left and knit 2 together leaning right.  --Ann--

Monday, July 23, 2018

knit swatches

A few weeks ago I was trying to remember how to do a double decrease stitch,  I didn't have access to my knitting books but I could look back at my blog which helped but not enough because the stitch was on a sock in progress on size 0 needles, very small.  I'm a visual thinker so I need pictures, big illustrations and when I'm not getting it and someone says "do I need to draw you a picture?" I'm like "yeah it really would help." If someone is talking numbers to me I need to visualize the number with the commas otherwise thou, grand, k, exactly how many are we talking about??!!?
So I get out the size 9 needles and worsted weight yarn and knit a swatch.  Now I get it and have a swatch stitched to an index card in my swatch box which also has swatches from sweaters that have been washed and blocked with accurate notes just in case I use that particular yarn again or forget how I should wash it.  warm water? cold water? hand wash?  Just trying to make my life easier.   --Ann--

Slipping the 2 stitches knit wise then knitting and passing the 2 slipped stitches over looks so much nicer.  By the time I knit this stitch pattern again I will have forgotten how it should be done so I have a reference in my box of swatches.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Tick Tock the clock is back

Tick tock the clock is home again.  The house has been so quiet without the tick tock of the clock, it’s like the heartbeat of the house is beating again.  The tick tock seems to say take your time or just relax but then when it chimes on the hour its in a rush hurry, hurry, hurry, you’re late, hurry.  This clock has been in the family for generations, it goes to the youngest Douglas male in each generation. So hubby got it from his uncle who got it from his father.  It will go to our youngest son.
My grandparents had a mantle clock that always said hurry up with the tick tock  and sometimes when I  would listen to it when I was little it would say tock tick, tock tick them almost like a blink of the eye it would be tick tock again.
Comfort sounds --Ann--

Thursday, July 19, 2018

reading list # 3 2018

  1. The Garment Maker’s Daughter by Hillary Adrienne Stern about immigrants, garment manufacturing, labor unions and loves lost and found.  
  2. 1968 by Mark Kurlansky events happening in1968 and what lead up to them and how they changed the world, youth, civil rights, women’s rights, revolution, demonstrations etc.  I was 12 in 1968 so was just a little oblivious to what was happening.
  3. A Book to Die For by Richard Houston murder mystery 
  4. The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce again for book club I like it more and more  
  5. Marriage of Inconvenience by Debbie Macomber 
  6. A Thousand White Women by Jim Fergus a work of fiction in the form of journals based on some historical events.    
  7. Winterkill by CJ Box more adventures in Wyoming 
  8. Trophy Hunt by CJ Box only 4 characters with green eyes but only one mentioned
  9. The Orphan’s Tale by Pam Jenoff WW II and the circus. 
  10. Dull Knife short story by CJ Box 4 
  11. Delicious by Ruth Reichl fiction about a food magazine and a stash of letters from the 1940’s. 
  12. The Lilac Girls by  Martha Hall Kelly very tough to read WW II women’s concentration camp for book club
  13. The Angry Tide by Winston Graham mor about Ross Poldark sigh
  14. The Radium Girls by Kate Moore another tough book about the girls who painted  the illuminated dials of clocks and aviation dials between 1910 and 1935.
  15. Out of Range by CJ Box more murder and mayhem in the Wyoming wilderness 
  16. Hanna's Daughters by Marianne Fredriksson life and attitudes of three generations of women in Sweden
Enjoying time on the deck mostly in the shade with a tall glass of ice water.  --Ann--