Thursday, October 12, 2017

Reading list

  1.  Freakonomics by Steven D. Levett and Stephan J. Dubner similar to Malcom Gladwell books
  2. Brunechelli's Dome by Ross King Non fiction finishing the dome of the cathedral in Florence Italy
  3. Tattoos on the Heart by Gregory Boyle non fiction for book club Homeboy industries and getting out of gangs in Los Angeles
  4. Marnie by Winston Graham inspired the Hitchcock movie of the same name book was very different than the movie
  5. All the Breaking Waves by Kerry Lonsdale fiction 3 generation of women with psychic abilities 
  6. Shadow of a Century by Jean Grainger story of Irish independence of 1916 as good as her previous book!
  7. A Matter of Glass by Sylvia Prince  parts of these 2 books takes place in Venice
  8. The Zorzi Affair by Sylvia Prince
  9. The Underground Railroad by Colton Whitehead book club
  10. Warleggan by Winston Graham book 4 of Poldark series I can't get enough of him
  11. Secrets of a Charmed Life by Susan Meissner WW2 blitz on London, I'm still thinking about the characters very good story!!
  12. Black Moon by Winston Graham book 5  the plot gets thicker and thicker
Happy Reading --Ann--

Monday, October 9, 2017


 I started knitting socks with this yarn and after really looking at the orangey section I put it against my new rain coat and I liked it.  Stop the socks and knit a pair of reading mitts then go back and finish the socks.  Shorty socks for my shorty boots.  I'm set to go.  --Ann--

Friday, October 6, 2017

side tracked

 I'm so easily distracted.  I cleared my work table so I could machine quilt but I'm still working the quilting out in my head what to do in the meantime.  Some fun fabrics fell out of the closet to make a couple kindle covers.  Sometimes I just have to play with fabric and stitches and technology.  --Ann--

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

birthdays and basting

 I had another birthday the other day it wasn't a big birthday actually bigger than last year by 1 but it wasn't a milestone birthday. We went to a birthday party for friends who were celebrating two milestones, 70 and 60.  Son stopped over and fixed an app on my phone because I couldn't get the code punched in in the allotted time and kept running out of do overs.  I punch things in with my index finger he uses his thumbs and was  done in a blink.  We went out for supper, the a thing sang Happy Birthday to me, hubby cooked lunch the next day.  I  got cards, emails, texts and phone calls.  It was a great weekend.  Earlier in the week a girlfriend sent a lovely scarf and the celebration continues when daughter and I leave for a trip in a few days.  I'll tell you about that when we get back.
I finally basted the last three quilts but couldn't machine quilt until I cleared the table.  I knew if I put all that fabric back in the closet it might be months or years before I got back to cutting pastel strips.  So I cut strips.  When I hit 78 for the pinwheel quilt I quit, stacked things up and put them back in the closet.  Then I put Dolly's Eclipse on the wall and started doodling with pencil and a really bad photo from the printer.  I need to do something special with the darkest star and the 4 yellow stars surrounding it because Dolly Jean was born the day of the eclipse.  More pondering to do --Ann--

Thursday, September 28, 2017

A much better day

 Hubby Dear let me buy the Bernina 530 which is a wonderful domestic sewing machine with just enough bells and whistles for my needs.  Above is how some of the stitches looked before the surge protector with battery back up.  Not so good  not all the outlets in my house have adequate power to run the machine to her potential.
 This is how the stitches look with full power.  Perfect even stitches.  After playing with the stitches just to see how they look I sewed a pair of pajamas for me from my stash of fabrics.  These interlock knits must be 30 years old,  I bought them when my boys were little and I was sewing little  t shirts and placket front shirts for them.
 As much as I love piecing quilts its fun to use some other stitches once in a while and play with the many different feet for the machine.  The blind hem foot was a whiz for hems and the waist band.  The stretch stitch with a ball point needle and the edging foot made the seams a breeze. And an overcast stitch to make the scalloped edge on the neck and sleeves. Practical application certainly helps the memory the next time I need to turn a hem.  Three mastery sewing classes were included with the purchase of the machine.  One more class on Friday.  I learned so much about the features of the machine and little bit of information that just make some sewing chores easy, super easy.  And a refresher course on choosing the right needle for the fabric and task.  Did you know the quilting needle is for piecing not quilting and you should use a larger needle for binding because you are going through more thicknesses of fabric and batting?  I had forgotten a lot of important information. The classes are on line  at taking them in person has been the best.  I hadn't sewn a knit for so long that I had forgotten how much I needed to pin to keep the seams from rolling.  You know my mantra with quilting is its not for 4-H 
but I was beginning to think it could be for 4-H
if I were a few decades younger because I was having so much fun and the inside was looking almost as good as the outside.  
Just enjoying the process.  --Ann--

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

One of those days

 I woke up to another gloomy grey day, Tuesday, that makes 4 in a row.   I'm ready for some blue sky and sunshine.  I finished sewing the blocks together over the weekend.  My intentions were to pin this quilt top and two others yesterday but.............the day just fell apart.
I sent a text to a friend with a pic of this quilt because she had a cold so thought this might bring some cheer anyway I unintentional sent a group text to 8 of her friends oops.  I hope the colors brought a little cheer to everyone.
Then I tried to sew a couple quilt labels, that didn't work,  I have too many projects going in my sewing room and I just couldn't focus on anything.  I tried sewing on my new machine and my stitches weren't right something about wall outlets and the computer components in the machine so I tried a different surge protector, still didn't help.
Go make lunch.  Crustless quiche with leeks, and mushrooms and a little garlic and onion and a red pepper from my brother.  Saute all the vegetables, chop the pepper and toss it in the mix.  Funny smell in the house followed by a tickle in the throat and a  little coughing and a drippy nose, hubby had the same problem.  It was the hot pepper I had been warned that it was hot.  Bake the quiche.  No problems.  Eat a slice of quiche, my lips were burning and my fingers were burning but not bad I did use a fork to eat.
Make a trip to the W store for a surge protector and a few other things,  there are surge protectors in 3 different spots in the store.  How do I make a comparison? and what are Joules and how many do I need?  
Then to the grocery store, I get the slow check out with the customer who is pushing the limits with cases of pop and presents another coupon after the total, two visits from the supervisor to re check the total then her credit card didn't work, she pulled out another one.  Some people have all the patience in the world for saving a couple pennies.  Finally my turn, no problems.
So I push my cart out to the parking lot and unlock my car, put my purse on the seat then go to the back to open the boot.  It won't open.  Push the button some more go to the the drivers door it won't open.  Its locked with my purse, cell phone and key fob locked in the car.  Push my cart back into the store and go back to the pharmacy because hubby answers the phone if its the pharmacy.  Call hubby Whadidjado that for?  Well it just happened.  He gets to the parking lot and pushes his fob, opens the boot and unlocks the doors and didn't even stop.  But he did roll down his window so he can here me say thank you.  I'm home just a minute after him.  So he carries in the groceries.  I love that man!
I get the groceries put away, make a cup of coffee and try the surge protector.  The machine is still not working right, call the dealership.  Apparently not all the outlets in my house get the same amount of electricity, it worked just dandy when it was sitting on top of the deep freeze so it could be plugged in by the electrical board.  Another trip to the W store to return the surge protector and get one with a battery back up.  That's plugged in and charging.  It needs to charge for 8 hours!  Use the old machine to make a couple quilt labels.  After supper settle in and sew the labels to the quilts and watch NCIS and do some knitting.
My thumb hurts.  Like its been burned.  Odd.  Stick my thumb in my mouth, my tongue is burning.  The oil from that hot pepper is still under my nail.  How many times did I wash my hands??
I sure hope today is a better day. --Ann--

Thursday, September 21, 2017

New quilt on the design wall

 I was tired of cutting strips so I looked at what I had cut and thought this pile will be a blue and yellow quilt with white.  Cut triangles, sew strips and cut segments then sew, sew, sew.  Put things on the wall, step back and look.......scatter the yellow 4 patches throughout the quilt and look some more.  Looking at the segments in the blocks is like playing a game of solitaire, I look for things out of place then put them in order.  I want my 4 patches in rows and I don't want matching fabric touching and I want the yellows evenly distributed.  The new device is no help at all in the sewing room all she says is "I'm not sure" then I asked her to play some music and she was happy.  --Ann--