Tuesday, December 10, 2019

bigger trees

 A few years ago I knit some bigger trees to fill the space above my kitchen cabinets. They were shapeless floppy cones that looked like really bad stocking caps.  I found this pattern for tall skinny trees with knit rows and purl rows.  I picked the yarn end and ripped and knit as I ripped some more.

  The grey tree is knit on size 6 needles with a double strand of sock yarn, I pulled the yarn out and matched to color sections to  mostly grey or green and blue.  The last 2 pattern repeats the colors started pooling.  Wish the whole tree was like that with swirls of green and grey.   I will knit some smaller trees with a single strand of that yarn and see what happens.  The solid blue green yarn is a worsted weight but a single ply and works best with simple stitches.  There will soon be 2 more trees of this yarn and pattern (for knit / purl trees).  The house is looking like Christmas.  --Ann--

Friday, December 6, 2019

A forest of trees

I’ve been knitting these little fir trees the last few months. I knit a couple rounds between arranging the quilt blocks.  They are fiddley to get started on DPNs  (casting on DPNs is the most clumsy thing in the world and on skinny short needles it’s even worse) but then my hands get a feel for it and in no time my tree is done. Some have cables, some right and left cables making antlers or wishbones, some have extra cables because I wanted a taller tree then I got brave and tried  a mock cable which is the tallest in the top pic, it was so floppy I inserted a paper cone to hold it up, its not a stocking cap.  I even knit one with no cables.  Top row of trees are knit with a silky bamboo yarn that had long stretches of white.  The trees in the middle pic are made with leftover sock yarn. These little cuties (link to pattern) fit on a wine cork.  --Ann--

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

more scraps

A little work in the sewing room last week.  The weather got chilly again so....... to my sewing room. Pretty random placement of 4 patches and half square triangles.  Lots to do and this is not high on the priority list at the moment anyway hope you are staying warm and cozy and not getting crazy with Christmas preparations. --Ann--

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving  --Ann--

Monday, November 25, 2019

mini birds

I have a collection of miniature figures for all seasons but I don't change them as often as I used to.  I'd rather do ther things than decorate my house for every occasion.  Funny how that changes when your kids get big.  Here are some of my favorites for fall and Thanksgiving.  We have had some gloriously warm days for November ( no wind and temps in the 40's) so I have gone for long walks instead of  the usual creative stuff.  Sometimes I just need to feel the sun on my face.                  --Ann--

Monday, November 18, 2019

finished and blocked

I finished my sweater then promptly gave it a good soak then into the washer on spin cycle in a mesh bag, then blocked on the boards.  The sleeves grew by about 5 inches.  I liked that length in the torso but the sleeves............argh.
I could rip the sleeves and make them shorter. argh don't really want to do that.  Its knit with super wash wool, I remember reading an atricle on super wash wool a few years ago. Spend a couple hours on the internet looking for that article or something similar, find a couple patterns to knit next and some yarn.  Back to the problem at hand.......  Stretching is a charcteristic of superwashwool but drying in the dryer is also a characteristic of super wash.  The little scales on the fibers have been removed so the yarn doesn't felt it stretches instead. Another trip to the spa for the sweater, soak,  and into the mesh bag for a quick spin, then the dryer on extra low. Check the sweater every 5 minutes or so, restart the dryer, check again turn the dryer up to low, check again try sweater on, a cool damp sweater does not feel good.  Back in the dryer and turn the heat up to medium another 5 - 10 minutes and its perfect.  A warm wool sweater fresh from the dryer now that's cozy! That was a whole lot easier than ripping the sleeves.  

Thank you to the designer Jennifer Wood of Woodhouse Knits for answering all my questions about Ellington.  I will be knitting more of her patterns.
Its a good day to wear wool here on the plains. --Ann--

P.S.  I used 6 ball of Berroco Ultra Wool 219 yards per ball and I have 4 yards of yarn left!!  I'm glad I didn't make a larger swatch.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

knitting progress

Its cold here as it is from the plains to the coast.  There is just enough snow on the ground to make it look and feel colder, the wind doesn't help either.  I remembered a paragagraph in a James Herriot book I used to read to my kids it was titled Moses the Kitten the story was wonderful and the pictures were even better "the Dales looked their coldest not when they were covered with snow, but as now, when the first sprinkling streaked the bare flanks of the fells in bars of black and white like the ribs of a crouching beast" The snow is caught in every rut and divot, leaves are still falling from trees, the wind cuts to the bone, its cold here.  Wool does help, wool socks, wool sweaters, wool scarves, wool hats, wool mittens and gloves.  A couple more evenings not watching tv and I should be done. Its only November I'm going to need a lot more sweaters.  Happy knitting --Ann--