Tuesday, February 19, 2019

wasting snow

I read To Kill a Mockingbird again its funny the things you remember and don't remember from reading a few years ago and maybe its because we are having a snowy winter that this caught my attention.

Chapter 8 and I'm abbreviating and paraphrasing a lot here
Atticus:  "That was Eula May,  I quote---' As it has not snowed in Maycomb County since 1885, there will be no school today.'"  Kids here in South Dakota are actually getting tired of that announcement.
Atticus finally got them to look at their breakfast plates instead of out the windows.
Jem:  "How do you make a snowman?"
Atticus: " I don't have the slightest idea,  I don't want you all to  be disappointed, but I doubt if there'll be enough snow for a snowball, even."
Jem and Scout go outside to find a 'feeble layer of soggy snow.'
Jem: "We shouldn't walk about in it, Look, every step you take's wasting it."
Scout looks back at her mushy footprints. Jem says if they wait until it snowed more they could scrape it all up for a snowman.
Scout catches a snowflake on her tongue "Jem, it's hot!"
Jem: "No it ain't, it's so cold it burns.  Now don't eat it, Scout, your wasting it.  Let it come down."
Scout: "But I want to walk in it."
Jem: "I know what, we can go walk over at Miss Maudie's."
Jem and Scout proceed to make a snowman by hauling dirt and sticks from the backyard, Scout says some politically incorrect words about a dirt snowman, then Jem covers it with snow collected in a peach basket from Miss Maudie's backyard and their own. 
Atticus comes home and complements Jem on his ingenuity and the snowman likeness to the neighbor.  Jem makes some alterations.
Later that night Miss Maudie's house burns.

Wasting snow what a concept!  The snow is so cold and dry here that it won't stick together to make a snow ball and you have to make a small snowball before you can roll it into a big snowball for a snowman. --Ann--
P.S. the reason I read the book again other than it is a wonderful book is because DD and I are going to the play and a great adventure.

Friday, February 15, 2019

on and off the needles

 It's been one of those not much to blog about weeks here.  I watch the snow fall one day then watch it blow the next.  Nature is just not happy with where she places the snow the first time.  We had electric cove heating installed downstairs so I don't have to wear my leggings under my jeans to sew. I got new glasses with distance correction that make me want to wear them.  Then I had my teeth cleaned and a cracked tooth repaired and scheduled a haircut. You know just everyday self maintenance stuff this week.
 New knitting projects: the Hitofude cardigan for daughter, the lace pattern is easy there are just soooo many repeats in each row.  New socks the dark blue are and alpaca wool blend on size 7 needles I really should give them my undivided attention because the will feel so good inside my snow boots, and the other are a tweed with a mock cable no cable needle required.  Knit 2 together without slipping off the needle then knit the first stitch again and pull both off the needle, do that twice purl 2 and repeat, the next row is k4, p2, 3rd row k1, k2tog then knit the first of the k2tog, k1, p2 and row 4 is k4, p2.  Pretty easy.
And I finished my very bright yellow sweater may need to tone it down by wearing my bright blue vest over it to the jackrabbit games.  I'm still learning how to use my new camera from last fall like focusing when using the self timer and I still can't figure out if there is a burst mode with self timer or maybe its the glasses and the camera wanted to defuse the focus to reduce or eliminate the wrinkles and creases that I can see now.  The needles have been busy and  another week of winter is behind us.  --Ann--

Friday, February 8, 2019

tadada done quilt top

 A little chess playing with the blocks to make it look totally random.  Can't have two of the same fabrics too close together you know. And then I finally just stop because its a scrap quilt and sometimes the same prints and or colors end up next to each other and moving one will only make a different match up in another spot.  And suddenly your eyes are playing the match game looking for pairs and near pairs and the eyes keep moving around the quilt which is what I want the viewer to do.  --Ann--

Thursday, February 7, 2019

blocks done

 These blocks are done, I needed to cut a few more large triangles. Some of the lighter of the darks found their way to the outside edge framing the quilt and the lightest of the large triangles direct the eye to the center of the quilt.  The snow is coming sideways here today so I'll stay inside and sew.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019


The snow fell without making a sound, it just fell all soft and pretty like a kitten and just like a kitten the cuteness wears off when you realize it’s going to turn my into a cat.  But the snow just fell vertically usually it comes sideways and stings when it hits flesh.  The snow turning into bigger and bigger piles and staying until May.  I don’t really dislike cats but a cat would tangle my yarn and rearrange my quilt blocks and lay on my kindle when the battery gets warm. I had a cat a long time ago and the winter.... well its going to be a long one.  --Ann--

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Wear wool

Socks are finished for second son's birthday.  My stocking cap was finished a couple days after I started it so I have been wearing it and covering the earlobes completely does keep them warmer and then I put my hood up.  I wear my wool gloves inside my wool mittens when I go out, they really are warm.  And over the weekend I finished the sleeves of my very bright yellow sweater.  I have one ball of yarn left so the body will be as long as I have yarn.  This is how I stay warm on the plains.

Monday, February 4, 2019

HST progress

Those days last week when it was so cold I sewed half square triangles.  And it really was cold here -27 F.  And the furnace quit so it was 52 F in the house when we woke up Wednesday morning.  It was three times colder outside!  Fortunately we have a couple space heaters and double fortunate the electricity was not out.  Apparently the natural gas line froze but when the sun hit the meter and warmed it just enough that the furnace kicked in.  I put my leggings on under my baggy jeans with a turtle neck and my favorite alpaca wool sweater and a cup of hot coffee in my hands.   Hubby made several calls to heating and electric guys and the natural gas guys and they did come over and check the furnace and the gas meter.    Over the weekend it warmed up to 37F heat wave the streets were slushy and I even went for a walk.  All is well and its only -4 F here today.  --Ann--