Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pastel IX

I started sewing Sun Bonnet Sue's out of the scraps from dresses I made for darling daughter.  They were a lot of fun to sew both the dresses and the Sues, then printing photos on fabric became possible.  I pull this out every few years and think of ways to put it together but still have not put any action with the thoughts.  I have 25 photos and as many 5.5 inch Sues to work into it. And I still have a box of fabrics from the 1990's good thing.  Right now I like grouping all the photos together and putting the Sun Bonnets in a border since the challenge is to keep it small.  But for now they are going back in the box.  Happy Memories.  --Ann--

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pastel VIII

 The pattern for this was in Linda Brannock's book Miss Jump's Quilt Album,  she called it Summer Garden aka Summer Pizza.  I think summer pizza is fitting.  I organized the background fabrics into diagonal groupings because there was just too much going on for them to be scattered randomly.  I need to add a border of checkerboards or maybe half square triangles  like the pin wheel quilt,  previous post.  It is a small queen size quilt.
The majority of these quilts were sewn in the 1990's specifically in 1999.  I must have challenged myself to use as much of this stash as I could before the new millennium.   I made a dent but I didn't come close to using all of the 1980's/90's pile. I could still make a couple more queen size quilts or 4 or 5 twin size.   One more 1990's fabric post to go. --Ann--

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Pastel VII

My 1990's pinwheel quilt. This is a queen size quilt.  I think I made it before the twin size quilts for my daughter.  This is what was available and popular when I started quilting two and a half decades ago. I still love the prints and the colors.  It has never been used so the colors are still bright but enhancing the colors with the photo setting made them too bright.  The background fabric is ivory and it was quilted by a professional long arm quilter.  --Ann--

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pastel Series VI

I call this Starry Stairs.  I saw it in an advertisement in a quilt magazine many years ago so I drafted the block and sewed it together.  It is two 4 patches and 2 partial log cabin blocks sewn as a four patch then it is sashed with light fabrics and a friendship star at the intersection.  I have used this on my dining room table for years.  A quilt on the table muffles a lot of sound and I can pick it up after a meal and shake out all the crumbs.  I cut extra fabric into squares for napkins.  My kids friends didn't know what to think of these people who had a quilt on the table and always used cloth napkins. It has been through the washer so many times and it just gets softer and softer both visually and to the touch.  This was a low volume quilt before those words were ever put together. --Ann--

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Pastel Series V

I'm of the generation that likes to pierce my garments not my flesh with jewelry.  I made this small wallhanging to pin my pins, I sewed on a few buttons  to hang necklaces.  The 4 patches were left overs from the Candy Stripe quilt. This little quilt was too wide to hang in my closet after another move so all pins were removed for another narrower pin quilt.  I finally got brave and tried machine quilting beyond puzzle piece stippling a decade or so ago.  The background of each basket is different and I free motion quilted a leaf and vine in the border.   --Ann--

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Pastel Series IV

Another move and it was decided to put the second twin bed in DD's room so another pastel quilt was needed. This is pink lemonade and I cannot remember the magazine that published this pattern.  It is just shoe fly blocks, each with a border and set side by side. I arranged many of the border fabrics on the diagonal. These prints have faded but that just makes them softer and more delicious.  DD's best friend  had a little sister who used to come over to play and she told me one day that she didn't have a quilt on her bed so I made her one just like this when they moved away.  Sometimes I use this for a tablecloth. --Ann--

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Pastel Series III

I made this quilt for darling daughter after a move and I wanted to decorate her room in pastels. I was sewing a new quilt for her so she was excited. I rag painted the walls either a pink and yellow or a cream and yellow then I cut a wide border stripe fabric and used laundry starch to stick it to the walls and hung an antique pink satin pull curtain on the window. Sadly I do not have a good photo of her room.  The quilt pattern is Candy Stripe by Cleo Snuggerud and was published in the February 1996 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine.  It is just 4 patches with setting triangles and strips of stripes in between.  I made a bed ruffle for her bed from the pink stripe fabric with a battenburg lace on the hem.  I even made a pillowcase to match, the fabric was so soft that it was loved to shreds.  Her best friend moved away when she was in 3rd grade so I made her a quilt just like this for a going away gift.  --Ann--