Friday, June 22, 2018

Mid Summer

Nothing says the mid summer like the bowl of strawberries I picked yesterday from the local strawberry garden.  The sweetness of summer................--Ann--

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

ta da da done #3

 It seems it is either miserably hot outside or overcast and rainy. Everywhere is green again.  Sew to the sewing room instead of running around.  I can get a lot done when I stay home in my sewing room. After considering lots of possibilities I did a free motion feather in the border.  It just wasn't wide enough for a baptist fan like I did on a similar quilt a couple years ago click.   Those fabrics are so cheerful on another gloomy day.  --Ann--

Friday, June 15, 2018


Florentine Silk


 I helped deadhead the iris at McCrory Gardens yesterday morning  I'm trying to learn names but I can only remember so many a week.  Late last summer I helped plant 80 some varieties, many are blooming now,  next year they will be much thicker with blooms.  The lower petals stand out like a dancers tutu with the newer varieties, the older varieties drape like a formal gown.  I can't decide which I like best.........loving them all  --Ann--
P.S.  I got my first gramma scam phone call yesterday.  I said I don't have any grandkids so you can't scam me.  It was an all zero number he sounded like he was about 40! grow up and get a real job.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

bingeing and knitting and the remote

Hubby went off on another fishing trip and left me to my own devices or devises (and the remote and credit card) or vices or vises.  Spell check isn't correcting me on the spellings.  So refer to the dictionary....  Left to one's own devices simply means doing what one desires or is inclined to do.  That fits, my desire was to start a new sweater as I reclined and binge watched Poldark (season 3 is available on amazon).  Devise is to plan or scheme, my plan and vice was ordering more yarn and after a couple hours of knitting my hands cramped like a vise which can also be spelled vice.  The pattern is Sunshine Coast (click) by Heidi Kirrmaier, I'm using a 70% cotton and 30% linen yarn called Hampton by Cascade Yarns.  I'm going to knit it longer so it covers my fanny and I can wear it with my new skinny leg jeans.  Yeah I went shopping in local stores too after hubby headed north.  Left to my own devices.....--Ann--

Monday, June 11, 2018

machine quilting

Machine quilting with tools is slow going compared to free motion quilting but sometimes the tools really enhance the piecing.  Only a couple more rows of pinwheels then the border. --Ann--

Friday, June 8, 2018

sweater finish

Stand up straight,  chin up, stretch out the wrinkles, suck in tummy, smile........I finished the sweater Deodara on ravelry with Cobasi yarn cotton bamboo and silk with elasticized nylon.  The swatch washed and dried with minimal shrinkage. I think it will be a dream to wear if we have any not so hot days this summer.  I did not do as many decreases in the waist at the pattern suggested because I don't have a 20 something waist anymore.   --Ann--

Tuesday, June 5, 2018


apricot drop

 I have been helping weed and dead head the iris at McCrory Gardens.  My friend in the red cap who did the iris arrangements for my wedding 40 years ago has taken charge of the iris garden. She has a group of volunteers who help for an hour a day which is just right, we are not so worn out from the work and the heat that we go home and collapse for the rest of the day. We are willing to come back the next day and the next.  She knows the names of all of them and which won awards.  I'm trying hard to learn the names it really should be printed on the leaf like the designers name on the selvage of quilt fabric.  All of these are MTB's (medium tall bearded) and are earlier than the tall bearded iris. After we weeded 2 weeks ago the paid help brought in fresh mulch it looks so nice.  Can't wait to see what is blooming next.  --Ann--
Dancing Gold