Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Time out for quilting

 A little progress on this quilt during the move.  Sometimes I just need a few minutes of normal life when everything else is a mess and DD wanted to deliver it thanksgiving weekend.  I put her to work making the label.  She can run a computer the sewing machine has a computer all she had to do was punch in the letters and numbers for the name and birthdate then hold the fabric steady and let the machine do the rest. I finished the binding.  Her college roommate loved the quilt made with fabrics that DD picked out when she was a little girl and the baby is adorable.  --Ann--

Monday, December 3, 2018

Life continues at a new address

We have moved into a 20 something year old house in a development that is mostly retired people.
 I thought by bringing things over to the new house one car load at a time I would place everything where I wanted it and just continue life as normal............WRONG!  I brought things over starting with the non essentials and placed them where I thought they should go and now I am moving everything to fit in the essentials.  I really need to get rid of more stuff,  I thought I would break lots of dishes on the granite countertops in the old house but I didn't.  I did learn to appreciate that nothing shows on the granite; coffee rings, coffee grounds, pepper specks, toast crumbs, water spots etc. These are almost white formica which shows everything and then some.  I am forever wiping the countertops.  Before I could make my coffee enjoy it.  Now I need to tidy up before I sit. The kitchen is also set up ass backward to what I am used to.  The only thing in the same orientation is the drawer with the potholders which is to the left of the stove.  Everything else is in a different place.  The work space and sink are to the right of the stove with the disposal on the left side of the sink. Thinking back I believe I have had to make that adjustment with every move,  I just had more cupboards, counter space and newer appliances than this move.  The chore of relearning everyday things.  I understand how my little dog must have felt with every move and the door hinges were on the wrong side for her to got out. Its cute when its happening to someone else.
I still don’t know what switch turns on which light.  The tree has been in place since the day we moved in but not decorated until after Thanksgiving,  Christmas quilts are on the walls and beds.
The really great thing with this move is I lost 5 pounds.  One day I did over 14,000 steps and barely went outside.  I've been too busy organizing things to snack.  Between the Sanford Profile weight loss program and a fitness app I put on my phone I've been eating the right things.  No more salty sweet junk in the house.  I wish I had learned how fast extra carbs, mostly breads, stick to your body when I was in my 30's.  My new mantra is and this is probably from the fitness app "nothing tastes as good as the feeling of skinny"  I love it when there is room to breath in my jeans and there are fewer rolls under my sweaters.  --Ann--

Monday, November 12, 2018


 I had a bad case of monkey brain last week.  Too many things to do and not knowing where to start.  We are moving this week, on Thursday the movers are going to move our furniture to the new house so I have been moving stuff the past week and lots more to move this week.  I started moving some of the dishes and picked up a glass jar that had yogurt in it and thought should I keep this or put it in the recycle.  It is the perfect little jar for buttons so rather than sorting and tossing more of my stuff I sorted my buttons into the little jars by color.  Sometimes I just need to accomplish one little thing to feel like I accomplished something.  I found these really old fabric covered buttons I think they were on a coat my mother had in college. They were stitched to the garment through the cloth that pokes through the hole in the back of the metal part.
I'm moving my sewing room closet today.  I sure hope I can concentrate and not find trivial things to organize but I really like having my stuff organized.  --Ann--

Thursday, November 8, 2018


I never pass up the opportunity to crunch through leaves when I go for a walk.  I used every ounce of restrain walking past one very impressive pile of leaves.  I would have had to deviate far off the path to jump in the pile.  I can just see the report in the paper 60 some year old woman caught jumping and scattering a pile of leaves, home owner called in a complaint of malicious mischief.  I'm so mature some days.  The sound brings back memories.  We didn't have many trees on the farm when I was growing up, the trees were as young as I was but we would frequently go the the state parks near us.  Mom would pack a picnic and Sunday afternoon we would crunch through the leaves and we would pick the bits out of our socks all the way home.  I have seen a few people raking leaves and only one child jumping in them the rest are  using their baggers on the mower or the leaf blower in reverse vacuuming clean their grass.
Some of the leaves stained the sidewalk on a wet day but it fades so quickly.  --Ann--

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Go Vote

I pass this little door when I walk some days depending on which path I take.  I wonder who lives there, a faerie? a rabbit? a squirrel? an elf? I didn't smell cookies baking.  Or maybe there is a lift for a wise old owl to get to the top of the tree. Yesterday I was brave and knocked but no one answered, they must have thought I was a politician asking for their vote.
Go Vote!!!

Friday, November 2, 2018


I always have two pair of socks in progress, one where I drink my coffee in the morning and afternoon and one in my sewing room so I can knit a few rows while I'm deciding what to do next with whatever I am quilting. --Ann--

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!  --Ann--