Friday, August 18, 2017

Purple Flowers

 I don't think I have ever found a shade of lavender or purple flowers that I haven't' loved.  --Ann--

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Black Eyed Susans

 Interrupting the quilting for a trip to the gardens.  I was helping weed at McCrory gardens again its a never ending job but we only weed or plant for an hour a day so we don't exhaust ourselves and then to walk around and enjoy the flowers makes it a reward.  I stopped in front of the Black Eyed Susans.  At first I just saw a mass of yellow flowers and as I snapped a few pics I saw all the variations.  And then there was a honey bee gathering  the pollen, she just stuffed all the pollen into her jodhpurs and went to the next.  --Ann--

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Nine Patch and Tri Rec Stars

 My go to FMQ again.  I used a bamboo batting in this because I had a piece big enough.  It has a loft similar to dream cotton select but lighter weight more like dream request which is my favorite batting because I can get more quilts on the shelf.  I used the isacord and signature threads again and no lint build up with the bamboo batting! I would check each time I emptied a bobbin but no lint.  Another quilt on the stack  --Ann--

Monday, August 14, 2017

Nine Patch quilting

 This quilt was basted months ago and has patiently been waiting for her turn under the needle.  I was envisioning something to enhance the rings of color like feather wreaths but it just wasn't working on paper for me.  I  don't like to quilt so densely that the loft of the batting is squished and lost.  I used a straight edge and the Handigadget versi tool with a 4 inch half circle. I used isacord thread on top and signature cotton on the back and virtually no lint!  Slow going because I was using tools not because of lint build up in the bobbin case.  --Ann--  linking to Em's Scrapbag

Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday Knitting

Finally a couple finishes off the needles.  The first pair of Christmas socks are done and more started.  The footies are knit the same except for the ribbing.  That's what happens when there's a big gap between sock 1 and sock 2 because I was binge reading doesn't that sound less guilt ridden than binge eating or watching tv!?!  I would sit outside in the sun reading then I would move to the shade then back to the sun for a little more vitamin D then into the house and read in the sunroom and later into the living room.  Back to the socks.......I forgot how many times I decreased on the ribbing,  I can feel the difference the one on the left feels snug and the other one feels like I'm going to walk right out of it.  Both a little long for my feet so I will wait until DD comes home to try them on before I rip.  Enjoying these cooler days and evenings it helps the yarn slip through the fingers.  --Ann--

Thursday, August 10, 2017

RWB Jacobs Ladder

 I used the quick curve quilting ruler for the arcs in the triangles.  That is such a versatile ruler with a gentle curve that fits in a lot of places. As simple as this quilting looks with the arcs in the triangles and the cross in the nine patches it took twice as much time to quilt this as the free motion quilting of the 2 previous quilts because the lines are straight and I used tools. I like the geometrical look.  Oops a little tuck on the back no baby is going to cry over that.  --Ann--

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Fish Tales

I did the same quilting design on this quilt, its just a good all over design.  I used a variegated cotton thread that was very linty,  it was constantly interfering with the tension of the bobbin and know it was the top thread because the lint was yellow green too yellow to be from the brushed cotton plaid.  It was slow going for all the times I had to re thread the bobbin but its done! Make a note not to use that thread again.  --Ann--