Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday Knitting

Christmas socks are finished the red and gray socks are for my uncle, he bought the red yarn on a trip to Patagonia it is 100% merino yarn and because 100% merino does not stand up well to wear I used leftovers of a super wash blend for the toes and heels and I wasn't paying attention on a couple rows of the slip stitch heels and goofed it is so obvious to me in the photo. I used all the red yarn so had to do the ribbing cuffs with my scraps.  I hope they fit.  
Now I can concentrate on my sweater, I'm knitting the sleeves two at a time on a cable.  I have limited yarn they will either be 3/4 length or long depending on the yarn.  At least they will be the same length.  Aren't all the Christmas movies great for knitting time --Ann--

Thursday, December 14, 2017

quilt top finish

Another quilt top done and I think I have strips cut for 2 more quilt tops. Let me sew, let me sew,  let me sew!  --Ann--

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Dough Day

Yesterday was dough day I mixed up 5 recipes of cookie dough, mostly half recipes.  I don't make nearly as many varieties of cookies as I used to because I'm the only one who eats some of them and I don't need to do that.  I will bake at my leisure or the next time the wind blows strong out of the northwest.  Maybe tomorrow I will make biscotti.  --Ann--

Monday, December 11, 2017

finished blocks

  Fresh snow outside and very chilly temps made for cozy days in the sewing room last week.  There's nothing like the hum of a well oiled machine and Christmas music to make blocks fall into place.  More Christmas music this week will help with the tedious task of trimming all the blocks to exactly the same size.  --Ann--  Linking to Em's Scrapbag

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

further adventures of Sammi the robo vac

I finished decorating the house earlier this week and put all the boxes back in the closet then noticed all the artificial pine needles on the carpet so rather than drag the upright vacuum downstairs I took Sammi the robo vac.  I picked up all the little stuff from the floor like baskets and electrical cords then pushed the button and let Sammi get to work and I went to my sewing room.  Sammi was doing great then I got a message that said she was stuck.  I find her under a chair, when she cleans under chairs she makes a circle around the leg then makes a bigger circle and bumped the other leg so she stopped. I don't know why she couldn't reverse and get herself out but that's how she does it, circle each leg twice and then move on.  She got stuck 4 times in about 45 minutes then she went into the bedroom closet and said she was done and wanted to go to her charging dock.  The family room looked great with little tracks everywhere. She got lazy with the bedroom, did she think I wouldn't notice that she didn't clean the north side of the bed just because I can't see it from the door!?? I got the button pushing figured out once for house and twice for spot cleaning.  I sewed 7 more tri rec stars.  Now I need a drone that dusts!  --Ann--

Monday, December 4, 2017

adding the courthouse steps

It was a busy week last week.  Christmas decorations came out in spite of the unseasonably warm weather.  Sometimes you just have to enjoy the weather and go for a long walk because one of these days it will be cold and windy and probably snowy like later today and the rest of December.  I sewed a few courthouse steps to go between the tri rec stars.  I'm not a matchy matchy quilter so the dark strips will be a combination of green and red strips and if they happen to fall beside a red or green background star so be it.  I thought I would go with dark on three sides for the outside round of blocks for the impression of a border.   This week I should mix up cookies and sew a few more blocks.  Don't forget to enjoy the Christmas season.  --Ann--  Linking to Em's Scrapbag

Monday, November 27, 2017

tri rec stars and robo vac

 All the trip rec stars are cut and paired next to sew.  I like this low tech stuff, putting pieces on my design wall and moving them around then sewing.
I recently got one of those robotic vacuums that goes all by itself.  DD set it up for me while she was home because it needed an app and some other stuff that makes no sense to me.  Today I thought I would find out what it could do.  Oh I had to give it a name so I named it Sammi for my little shih tzu who had been gone for 7 years now.  There were never any crumbs on the floor when she was alive.  We will see if robo Sammi is as good as the original.  I pushed the button to start it up then I decided to  pick up and move chairs so it could do a thorough job,  I didn't get a couple things moved before it bumped into them so on its next sweep it went around the object that was no longer there and took a couple more sweeps before it got the job done.  It did the kitchen and part of the sun room then went into the living room it did part of the carpet then went back and finished the sun room then its battery was getting low so it wanted to go to its charger but I had put the chairs back so it couldn't find its way.  I finally carried it. Not unlike Sammi the dog.  She made 6 moves with us and each time the door opened opposite to the previous house so she would sit at the hinge side of the door waiting for it to open.  About the time she relearned the door thing we would move again and had to learn it all again.  I recharged it then took it to the bedroom pushed the button and walked out the door.  I found out it can be lazy.  It worked for a few minutes then said it was done so I moved it and pushed the button again, it worked for a few minutes and sent me a message that it was done again.  It didn't clean the whole room.   Its really only as smart as the operator.  If I had read all the instructions and watched the videos............I had it set to do a spot clean which is about a 5 x 7 foot area.  I needed to set it to house.  I'm sure I confused it because I was pushing the app on the phone which I had to carry around the house all day I was also pushing the button on the vacuum. Push once, push twice, hold down or slide and tap.  After moving the furniture I had to dust so much for me having fun while it worked.  I was impressed with the amount of dirt and dog hair it picked up and DS's dog was only in the house for a little while but she's a lab and they shed no matter what time of year it is. It can clean the rest of the house tomorrow with a fresh charge  since I know better how to make it work and I will go to my sewing room for some low tech fun.  --Ann--