Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Technology and knitting

Darling son gave me another techno device, the kind that will answer questions or do things for me.  He gave me a K.....coffee maker a couple years ago which makes it way to easy to drink way too much coffee.  Many of the things she could do need more technology to make it possible like rewiring the house to make everything wifi compatible.  He tried to set it up before he went fishing with his dad but it required some phone calls to our techno service supplier.  So it sat for the week with me getting used to the idea of something that will play music on command and answer all my daily questions.  Like what are you making for supper?  This link appeared on that social media place that can suck up a lot of anyones time.  I laughed and laughed then dried my eyes and laughed some more.  Darling daughter was home again this time for the Garth Brooks concert which she said was AWSOME.  Hubby and I have tickets for this weekend.  She took care of some techno problems for me like ordering a new screen protector for my phone because it blew off a table and broke then bless her heart she set up the new device, she was on the computer and her phone and my phone because it needed to have an app to make the new device work and our internet service needed more "hertz" to work everything and 2 hours later I can give it my first command.  So I say "A.... would you  finish knitting these socks for me?"  She rattles off the name of a book that tells me how and how much it is and asks me if she should order it!  Needless to say we were all laughing to tears again.  Then I asked her to play some Marty Robbins because he is my all time favorite singer.  He has been gone for 30 some years and I hardly ever hear his songs on the radio.  Then hubby told her not to play so loud twice then told her enough because football was on.  I'm taking her to my sewing room and I may ask her what she think will go with this color and where I should put that block.  About the socks.......the sister of a classmate asked me to knit socks to match or nearly match the Christmas socks she and her siblings had as children.  I put a row of trees in rather than the Santa face because I as always am knitting from the toe up.  The book the device suggested is a toe up book which I already have!! She does know things about me, that's scary.   --Ann--

Monday, September 18, 2017

Dog Days

I was going to write a whiney post about summer passing too quickly and then I had my son's dog for a few days. The morning walk was rather pleasant but the late afternoon walk was hot!! I'm ready for cooler days.  She is such a sweetheart and son trained her well.  She won't do the necessary in the short grass so we have to walk until we get away from the neat tidy lawns.  She also knows that at my house she should stay on the hard floor.  Occasionally when I would run downstairs she would be sitting at the top of the stairs on the carpet so I spread out a big terry towel and there she stays.  I miss having a dog except when it is really hot and no wind or hot and really windy, or really cold and windy or snowing sideways, or knee deep in snow, or raining, hmmm that takes care of the majority of days in South Dakota.  I've had my dog fix until the next time the guys go fishing or son goes to a work related meeting.  --Ann-


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Where do the days go???

The days make that weeks it felt like a month I was without a sewing machine I started cutting strips for the Dolly's Eclipse Quilt  and I cut extra.  Why cut one strip when I can cut a bunch right!?! So I have been cutting 2 inch, 3.5 inch, 2.5  inch and 4.5 inch strips of my pastel fabrics.  I need the full width of fabric for the 60 degree pinwheel quilt clickstrips on left and I need 78 strips.  More cutting to do............  I don't want to start sewing until all the cutting is complete and the table is clear.  The next 2 inch strips are for 4 patches to go with 3.5 inch half square triangles or tri rec stars, those are not all full width of the fabric.  The 2.5 and 4.5 inch strips will be more  4 patches and half square triangles or tri rec stars only bigger.  So I continue to cut.  This will be another series of quilts because I have cut a lot of fabric.  It doesn't get used unless it gets cut, right.  

I pretty much used up my stash of soft pinks so I had to buy more. That hasn't happened for a long time that I ran out of a particular color in my stash.   A quilter needs the full spectrum of colors.  --Ann--

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Lovely Weekend

 The guys went fishing so DD and I had  a girls weekend.  We spent a day shopping on Friday then Saturday we went to the local nature park for a walk then McCrory Gardens since it was insect day and free admission,  lots of educational displays showing the benefits of insects.  We skipped most of that and went straight for the flowers which were busy with insects.  Next stop was the local winery which was harvesting grapes and a tasting.  Home again and put our feet up and watched movies, ate pizza and wine.  It was a lovely weekend.  --Ann--

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Eclipse Quilt

 I've been home for a week and a half and this is all I have to show for it.  Where do the days go??  Maybe I'll remember and post about it tomorrow.....................--Ann--

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

She's Back

 She's back and purring like a kitten.  I always find it amazing how something as innocuous as lint or a needle fragment can cause such a clatter in my machine.  While she was away a cousins's son and his wife had a new baby girl.  I had a boy quilt ready to go but they had a girl and named her Dolly Jean and wouldn't you know I had the exact right fabric to start the quilt in my stash.  A fat quarter with paper dolls and doll clothes.

 I chose fabrics to match the doll clothes as close as possible, some of the fabrics on the wall didn't make the cut but that is why I put them on the wall sometimes the golden yellows look like yuck brown next to a clearer yellow.

The navy star was on the edge at first then I moved it in and surrounded it with yellow stars because Dolly Jean was born the day of the eclipse.  Home again for me and my machine.  Hubby and I were on a short road trip to visit my uncle. Now back to the sewing room and stash sewing.  --Ann--

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Corduroy III & IV

When I cut triangles I really cut triangles and so the broken dishes became a series of four.  I ran out of the floral after the borders of Quilts 1 and 2  but quilts don't have to have borders, some say quilts without borders are "modern" but look back at  antique quilts and many do not have borders. These do not have batting either.   I quilted with the meandering feather and concentric teardrops instead of in the ditch and tried very hard to avoid the intersections.  Broken needles, broken dishes and planned randomness.  --Ann--

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Corduroy II

Broken Dishes II or Stars and Pinwheels.  Can you find where I matched the prints or values of the cords to make stars and pinwheels?  I see something random and I want to organize it. Darling daughters college roommate got married in June and daughter was struggling with a gift for her so I said you are going to inherit most of these quilts someday anyway do you want to give her a quilt?  Within minutes of her contacting roomies mom on face book she chose a quilt and I know its going to a good home.  Its never been used but its been washed and fluffed and labeled and now its been photographed and documented.  This is one that I missed in my scrapbook of quilts.  This is stitched in the ditch and I did not use a batting in the corduroy quilts.  --Ann--

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Corduroy Series Broken Dishes I

Twenty years ago in 1997 I cut  my corduroy fabrics into 6 1/2 inch squares to make a broken dishes quilt.  The navy and gray cords were leftovers from trousers I sewed for my boys, the lightest pink was a jumper for daughter, one of the grays and the green were pants for me and the floral was intended for a jumper for me that never happened. To me the broken wishes pattern is a random arrangement of half square triangles to others it is 4 half square triangles sewn into a square in a square with no thought as to value or color.  I was random for a while then I grouped some into pinwheels, flying geese and directional rows that twist and turn.  But I only used a little of my fabric in this one so I made another and another.  --Ann--

Monday, August 28, 2017


 Don't you just love that fence made with bamboo sticks and twine woven to hold it together?!!  And such a riot of colors!  And these photos are pale compared to being there.  Some of the zinnias were as full as dahlias and the colors a little softer than old fashioned zinnias.  The swallowtail butterfly finally decided I wasn't going to steal the nectar from the flowers so it posed long enough for me to snap a few pics.  --Ann--

Thursday, August 24, 2017

9 Patch Review

 All from the same bunch of 9 patches and all so different.  --Ann--