Wednesday, July 31, 2019

One done

One done!  just need to make the label.  I started quilting with one spool of thread and ran out then found another and ran out then a third and ran out and a 4th and did not run out.  One spool was black, brown and red, the next was black and purples, the third was dark greens and black and the last was dark blues and reds and they each blended marvelously with the plaids.  In fact now I would really have to look hard to find where I changed thread.  One is done!   And so is summer or so it seems as the back to school ads begin.   Slow down and enjoy August with all the good food.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Quilt basting

Five quilt tops basted and it took me two days.  I use staight pins because they are easier on the fingers but still my fingers were sore so I quit after 4 then made supper and finallly mid afternoon the next day I finished the big one, I did have places to go and people to see that day.  It was good to let the batting relax after being crammed in the bag.  Quilts are basted now on to the power sewing.  Link to quilt basting and frame.  No borders on some of these quilts does that make them modern?

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Giant step backward

Just 2 weeks ago I posted about so many finishes and well Murphy's Law strikes again.  If it can go wrong it will go wrong.  I felt so smart about finishing the heels of these socks and was starting up the leg and thought I should try them on  they were too short, cramped toes are not comfortable.  Rip back and count how many stitches were on the gusset side, 48 what was I thinking I need at least 54 if not 56 before starting the short rows then the slip stitched heel.  I must have been counting by 4s and skipped a few.
I fnished this sweater and have washed and dried it twice hoping it would shrink some, the neck and shoulders are too wide and the underarm hangs too low, its about at the bottom of my bra and the top of the sleeve puffs up, if it were wool I would steam out the puff with a puff of steam but its cotton, linen and nettle.  I like the detail on the sleeves the same rouching in in the side seams and I like the fit through the hips.  I purposely didn't weave in the yarn ends thinking I would be ripping.  Thank goodnes yarn is so forgiving on the up side I have shrunk the yarn so when I knit this again it will fit as I knit and I will use a pattern that I know fits.
I have sat outside and read or knit the last couple days as the weather has been perfect not too hot or windy and the humidity has gone elsewhere.  Absolutely perfect then I remember how quickly I burn so not outside as long as I would wish.

I started this sweater twice I wasn't using row count markers so I did the wrong number of increases after about 3 inches of knitting.  My row markers are in place along with a marker for the increase rows.  Count the loops in the row marker and add 2 thats how many stitches between increases.  If I had just walked up the stairs to get the markers when I started it...............
still working on the shawls for son's fiance almost done with #5 and one more to go.  Not going to rush the finishes.  --Ann--

Monday, July 22, 2019

Sizzling colors and scraps

The days have been hot and humid or overcast and I need some bright cheery fabrics.  I used scraps from previous quilts.  The only full width of fabric that I cut was for the background and one strip for pinwheels.  Sadly I used most of my black and white fabrics and when I was in the fabric store for batting I didn't see any that were more white than black,  they are gone.  But there were lots of boring grays. I think gray would suck the life out of these brights.  Did you guess I don't like gray?  My next quilt with bright prints may have a plain white background.  The bag of scraps is smaller but there is a new bag of scraps inside that bag with the leftovers, 1 1/2 inch squares, 2 inch squares, 3 3/4 inch triangles and 5 inch triangles and a note about 9 patches, 4 patches and pinwheels--my seed bag for the next quilt.  Enjoying bright blue sky and cooler temps today.  --Ann--
Linking to Em's Scrapbag

Thursday, July 18, 2019

War is over

I won the first battle but then the pair decided their nest would look good on top of the down spout about 10 feet away.  They worked all day, when it was cooled off in the evening hubby knocked it down and hung monfiliment  line on both sides of the down spout.  The little birds were cautious the first time then boldly went through it with mud and grass.  I watched them while I drank my coffee I thought they just brought mud in their beak but they swallow it and regurgitate it, their little bodies convulse as it comes up.  We were gone all day so they  worked uninterrupted.  Hubby took it down again.  Who is more stubborn me or them?  What else can I put up there so they will leave?  aha   I cut a plastic grocery bag into strips more like a long fringe and left the seam intact so hubby could tape it right above the down spout.  They haven't been back.    --Ann--

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Bright scraps

I started another baby quilt just to have on hand using scraps of brights.  Most of these squares have been cut from leftovers from previous projects like short strips and triangle bits just big enough for a 1 1/2  or 2 inch square.  It takes longer but I'm using my scraps not much for stash reduction but using scraps.  The alternating blocks will be pinwheels set on point.  Playing with blocks and scraps on these hot humid days.  Still knocking down the swallow nest.  --Ann--

Monday, July 15, 2019

Mud on the door

Mud on the door, mud on the screen, mud on the steps and mud above the door is a big disgrace!
Barn swallows have been trying to build a nest above my front door for the last week and a half.  Last week hubby and I hung strips of fabric thinking that would deter them, no such luck they just flew in underneath, then I cut the loops so they were longer still they fly under and up.  I have knocked the mud down 4 or 5 times a day.  They are persistent little birds.  One day it was just the pair trying to build the nest the next day they enlisted three more birds to help.  Fortunately for me the construction crew wanted to see progress on their efforts and I was a hindrance so they flew off the job.  The pair is still trying.  I finally consulted google because they have an answer for everything. 1. Keep knocking the mud down and they should give up after 3 weeks.  Three Weeks!!!! 2. Let them have their nest they do eat lots of bugs.  3. Clean up the mess and put petroleum gel where they are building,  really?  like I want a grease spot above the door that will eventually be covered with bugs.  4.  Buy a bunch of stuff not that different from what I hung on the porch.  5. Hang a plactic owl on the porch.  6.  Keep knocking it down only a week and a half to go.
He couldn't curse me because he had a beak full of mud but I knew what he was thinking.    They are really quite ingenious to build a nest out of mud and grass hauling the mud from the storm pond a couple blocks away and to only be able to bring about a 1/2 teaspoon on mud each trip and to make it stick to the siding.  We have way too much mud this year.  Where did they build their nests before the homesteaders came to the prairie?  The battle continues..............--Ann--

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

knitting and finishes

The last couple days have been filled with finishes, the quilt top, a book, the 4th shawl for son's fiance for their wedding in October only 2 left to knit, the sleeves of my sweater and the heel of these socks.  I always have a pair of socks in progress in my sewing room that way when I am studying what ever is on the design wall I can knit a few rows while I ponder what I should do next.  I also used the lint roller over the entire design wall to remove all the threads from the plaids it was messy.  Clean design wall and finished projects now I can start something new.........there is yarn for another sweater and 2 more shawls.............--Ann--

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

quilt top

Quilt top sewn together. 2 1/4 inch strips cut into squares and triangles using the easy angle and companion angle easy peasy.  --Ann--

Monday, July 8, 2019

Fresh Scraps Design Wall

Time for a new project!  The plaids have all been put away and to make the decision easier as to what to start next I pulled out a Fons and Porter book American Country Scrap Quilts which had book marks in it and a bag full of fabric beside it.  This quilt pattern caught my eye years before I started quilting.  All of the bits and pieces were leftovers from previous quilts.  I just love using up the bits and pieces.  --Ann--

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Celebrate America

God Bless America   --Ann--

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Last road trip knitting

I knit from the marker up on the last road trip.  The first thing I did was k1, p1 when I should have p1, k1 so I continued alternating those two row as I increased for the gusset.  On the way home I started knitting on the leg and decided to do a 2 x 2 basket weave pattern.  K2, p2 for 2 rows then a plain knit row, p2, k2 for 2 rows and another plain knit row.  It was easier when there were bumps in the road.  Finally I can see a change in the color of the yarn.  The red sock has a light blue yarn that eventually turned to navy,  on the other sock the navy has turned to light blue and the red has become pink maybe by the time I get to the cuff I will be in the light blue section of the ball and out of the predominantly red section of the yarn on the other sock.  I had no idea the color changes were so long in this skein.  Hoping to stay home for a few weeks to work on other projects.  --Ann--

Tuesday, July 2, 2019


 These are the leftover cuts from the red, black and plaid quilt top 50 by 60 inches just right for a throw quilt.  I was going to offset the 4 square sets on the top and bottom border of the quilt but took a set apart to make a 4 patch for the corners.  I like that much better.  --Ann--

Monday, July 1, 2019


I have been working on this sweater all spring and summer I like the rouched detail on the sleeve.  There will be rouching on the sides also.  It fits really big right now I am hoping it will shrink the first time it is washed.  The swatch shrank some.  If not I will rip and knit a sweater that does fit right.  I have a couple favorite patterns and I may just stick with them in the future.  The bottom of the sleeve eye is about 5 inches lower than where it should be.  Why does knitting sweaters have to have so many variables? Yarn, needles, guage, mood, coffee, wine, humidity, lack of humidity, instructions, the list goes on --Ann--