Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Walkways and corridors--Sweden







Impressions of Sweden: 1. Everyone speaks American English, they might have learned from watching American television and movies with Swedish subtitles.  2. Everyone walks or bicycles.
3. Most everyone is slim and trim. 4. There are cut stone sidewalks and streets everywhere. 5. Public restrooms are hard to find. 6. The stucco and brick are warm wonderful colors. 7.Stay out of the way of bicycles. 8.There are lots of really old buildings with lots of character. 9.There are really neat places to walk.  10. Do those steps get narrower or is it an optical illusion?
photos 1 and 2 old town Stockholm, 3 and 4 Fyris River in Uppsala note all the racks to hold bicycles, 5 cut stone walk, 6 and 7 Skansen folk park walk with trees arched over the path, wooden shoes, 8, 9, 10, old town Uppsala, 11, old town Stockholm, 12, me in the cap, a guy in a store of middle eastern decent, told me I reminded him of a movie star then he said I looked like someone from Little House on the Prairie, he said that was his favorite show growing up, I laughed and said I only live 80 miles from DeSmet where Laura lived and said our landscape looks nothing like the tv show. 13 it does get narrower at the top of the stairs.  Ann

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Sailboats

sold on etsy

gift to great nephew

Two quilts I no longer have but sailboats always speak to me of summer. The top quilt I used the whole fat quarter for the sailboat blocks the second I cut the sailboat to pattern size Buggy Barn for the ocean wave borders. Both are free motion quilted. Wishing for a cooling breeze. --Ann--

Monday, July 23, 2012

Peas and "P's"

I seem to be procrastinating at posting the past week. I did pick a pile of peas both snow peas and sugar snap peas. yum I like them because we can eat the pods. 
Some of my favorite P words  are peaches, potatoes, petunias, they just bloom and bloom some more even when it is hot and dry. Poppy, peony, pansy, pizza, pasta, pink, pork, practice, patience, praise, prayer, please and my very favorite perseverance.  I had a story book when I was a little girl with cats, dogs and rabbits  dressed in clothes. The cat in the prettiest dress was trying to earn money to buy a jump rope by doing odd jobs, so every time she finished a job and earned a penny, she was told "perseverance pays" or "perseverance earns rewards". I used to try to dress my cat in my doll clothes it never worked. I persevered until I got scratched. --Ann--

Monday, July 16, 2012

There's no place like home

Traveling on holiday was wonderful but...............There's no place like home..........I bought shoes in Ireland, they were on sale There's no place like home.........Daughter and I traveled to Stockholm, Sweden for 5 nights and got the grand tour from our exchange student. Sweden is beautiful and everyone speaks English and they make really wonderful coffee. Then we went to Ireland to visit cousins on my Dad's Dad's side of the family.  Daughter got acquainted with some of her third cousins, I hope they keep in touch. We saw the family farmstead going back to 1700  possibly early 1600's, church records only went back to late 1700's. We saw so many wonderful and beautiful places even in the rain. My Dad's cousins and my second cousins were sooooo good to us. I have no idea how many photos I took and organizing them will take a while.  I need to catch up on somethings here first........after I savor a cup of fresh brewed coffee. I drank a lot of tea and instant coffee, strong instant is better than weak brewed coffee... the Guinness was pretty good too much better than I remember it from 31 years ago.  It's good to be home.--Ann--