Monday, July 23, 2012

Peas and "P's"

I seem to be procrastinating at posting the past week. I did pick a pile of peas both snow peas and sugar snap peas. yum I like them because we can eat the pods. 
Some of my favorite P words  are peaches, potatoes, petunias, they just bloom and bloom some more even when it is hot and dry. Poppy, peony, pansy, pizza, pasta, pink, pork, practice, patience, praise, prayer, please and my very favorite perseverance.  I had a story book when I was a little girl with cats, dogs and rabbits  dressed in clothes. The cat in the prettiest dress was trying to earn money to buy a jump rope by doing odd jobs, so every time she finished a job and earned a penny, she was told "perseverance pays" or "perseverance earns rewards". I used to try to dress my cat in my doll clothes it never worked. I persevered until I got scratched. --Ann--

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