Monday, July 16, 2012

There's no place like home

Traveling on holiday was wonderful but...............There's no place like home..........I bought shoes in Ireland, they were on sale There's no place like home.........Daughter and I traveled to Stockholm, Sweden for 5 nights and got the grand tour from our exchange student. Sweden is beautiful and everyone speaks English and they make really wonderful coffee. Then we went to Ireland to visit cousins on my Dad's Dad's side of the family.  Daughter got acquainted with some of her third cousins, I hope they keep in touch. We saw the family farmstead going back to 1700  possibly early 1600's, church records only went back to late 1700's. We saw so many wonderful and beautiful places even in the rain. My Dad's cousins and my second cousins were sooooo good to us. I have no idea how many photos I took and organizing them will take a while.  I need to catch up on somethings here first........after I savor a cup of fresh brewed coffee. I drank a lot of tea and instant coffee, strong instant is better than weak brewed coffee... the Guinness was pretty good too much better than I remember it from 31 years ago.  It's good to be home.--Ann--


Heidi Grohs said...

I agree with you. Home sweet home never looked so good after our 14 day family trip!!!

Lesley said...

Welcome home! Love the shoes, and all three pics are wonderful! It's always nice to come home, isn't it?