Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Walkways and corridors--Sweden







Impressions of Sweden: 1. Everyone speaks American English, they might have learned from watching American television and movies with Swedish subtitles.  2. Everyone walks or bicycles.
3. Most everyone is slim and trim. 4. There are cut stone sidewalks and streets everywhere. 5. Public restrooms are hard to find. 6. The stucco and brick are warm wonderful colors. 7.Stay out of the way of bicycles. 8.There are lots of really old buildings with lots of character. 9.There are really neat places to walk.  10. Do those steps get narrower or is it an optical illusion?
photos 1 and 2 old town Stockholm, 3 and 4 Fyris River in Uppsala note all the racks to hold bicycles, 5 cut stone walk, 6 and 7 Skansen folk park walk with trees arched over the path, wooden shoes, 8, 9, 10, old town Uppsala, 11, old town Stockholm, 12, me in the cap, a guy in a store of middle eastern decent, told me I reminded him of a movie star then he said I looked like someone from Little House on the Prairie, he said that was his favorite show growing up, I laughed and said I only live 80 miles from DeSmet where Laura lived and said our landscape looks nothing like the tv show. 13 it does get narrower at the top of the stairs.  Ann

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Laurie said...

How much walking a day did you do? I'm trying to build up so we can travel when we retire. It is tough to walk in this heat...and I can only do 1 mile. (I had my hip replaced in Nov. and that slowed me down..)
I've told my husband no southern travel in the summer. Sweden sounds like it would be a comfortable place to be in August.