Sunday, November 1, 2009


Hopscotch and Stars
Butterscotch and Hopscotch

Log Cabin Spools


Fall blew in the other day and with a few strong wind gusts it quickly turned to winter. It made me want to wrap up in a quilt.
The following are quilts all made from the same pile of fabrics.

Windpower is made from the lady of the lake block I matched three of the large triangles in each block to represent the three blades of the wind turbines popping up all over the upper Midwest. listed

As I was cutting the strips for Windpower it dawned on me to cut the rest of each piece of fabric into strips for future quilts. The other projects I had in mind would require 2 1/2, 4 1/2, 3, 2, and 1 1/2 inch strips. The tedious part was done. As I started on each quilt I would cut the strips into squares or triangles as needed.

Log Cabin Spools is made with scrappy log cabin blocks with triangles sewn to each corner to create the spools. The spools are all made from the same fabric for cohesiveness. listed

Butterscotch and Hopscotch the block consists of two four patches and two half square triangles. Often called a jewel box or Jacob's ladder block. The sashing and cornerstones make a secondary pattern that looks like the shoofly, churn dash or hole-in-the-barn-door block. Quilting is folk art and the names of blocks were made up by plain folks so there are many names for almost every block. I placed a dark blue cornerstone where the four patches intersect for continuity of the strong diagonal movement. I placed an orange or red cornerstone where the triangles meet to call your attention to the shoofly. A few butterflies flit across the quilt where the inside triangles meet. listed
Hopscotch and Stars this is the same block as Butterscotch and Hopscotch. The sashing is narrower so the cornerstones are smaller. Dark blue cornerstones are placed with the four patches and warm colored cornerstones are placed with the triangles. The four intersecting triangles are not all the same color so the design pattern is not as strong as in Butterscotch and Hopscotch. A third design emerges as the inside triangles are matched for color and value. Do you see the stars? Some are very subtle. listed

Twilight Stars consists of a courthouse steps block, a variation of a log cabin block and the evening star block which has the long star points of a triangle-in-a-star unit. It has more plaids than the other quilts. Alternating light and dark stars with the courthouse steps creates a strong design. sold
I ran out of fabrics with each of these quilts and had to dig in my stash to find something that would work. That is all part of the challenge and charm of scrap quilts. Making due just like grandma!

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