Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Apple Blossoms out of the cupboard

The apple blossoms on the trees were fabulous this year but very short on the branches because of heavy rains and wind. So I pulled my Apple Blossoms out of the cupboard to savor spring a little longer. The pattern is in the book Pink Lemonade and Other Delights by Linda Johnson.  I don't often follow any pattern as closely as I did this one but I had fabrics that were so similar and it was so gorgeous in the book everything in the book was gorgeous. I loved doing the applique and I used silk thread. If you haven't tried silk for hand applique I recommend it. It was professionally quilted by Kaye at My Olive Branch, she always does such wonderful machine quilting.  The label says I made it in 2002.  Savoring Spring~~Ann~~

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Raewyn said...

I Love this quilt!! Just beautiful - I am so glad you pulled it out of the cupboard to share with us :-) YOur Dragonfly Dance is pretty stunning too!