Friday, June 28, 2013

on and off the needles

 Darling daughter came home for a few days and agreed to let me teach her how to knit. I tried when she was 11 or 12 when all those fuzzy yarns were all the rage....... was not a good experience for either of us no tears but a lot of arrrghh's. I thought she was doing wonderfully for starting this late in the evening after a day of shopping in Sioux Falls and 5-6 hours in the car and being ten years older than her first attempt at knitting. I kept reminding her its a dishrag, its only a dishrag. I started her on longer aluminum needles but they were really slippery so I switched her to these soft nylon needles that are not as slick but a little crowded on the kneedles.
 These are finished and waiting for cooler days.
I started a new pair for oldest son, a wonderful soft super wash yarn the color was called 'nutmeg' but it looks like camouflage, perfect for him. Check out whats on the needles at Judy's.
The craft store where I bought the dishrag yarn was putting out Christmas stuff already. Are we forgetting to enjoy the season we are in right now!??! Savoring summer and time with my daughter.--Ann--


Judy S. said...

Great socks! I LOVE the color.

Lori said...

Oh dear--when I saw what was on your needles I thought "a knitted bra!"

Hello from the south edge of the state.