Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Reading

Half way through the summer that's a depressing thought so better make the most of it as the days gradually get shorter. The books I've read since May.........

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley  book club everyone hated the book too many words and weird story but it was written almost 200 years ago. 
Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain  just for fun wonderful writing.
Chestnut Street by Maeve Bianchy

Sex and Salmonella by Kathleen Taylor 
Hotel South Dakota by Kathleen Taylor
Mourning Shift by Kathleen Taylor
Cold Front by Kathleen Taylor 
these 4 books (first book was in April reading list) were written by a South Dakota author, her descriptions of small town life and South Dakota are wonderful and very funny.  Her fiction has recently been formatted for e readers.

Dakota a Spiritual  Geography by Kathleen Norris  book club also a South Dakota writer and wonderful descriptions of the prairie and small town life in South Dakota. It is also a brief history lesson on the farm crisis in the 1980's. It is about life, community, and faith. non fiction
The Quilt before the Storm Arlene Sachitano
The Invention of Wings Sue Monk Kidd the story takes place in the early 1800's and is about a white girl and a slave girl growing up at the same time on the same plantation. Two very different points of view.

Seize the day--Ann--


Judy S. said...

Our book club loved Dakota! Since my maiden name is Taylor, I need to check out Kathleen's books.....

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

That's a healthy reading list! I have Sue Monk Kidd's book downloaded on my Nook, thanks for the nudge. I would love to read Dakota. Thanks for sharing your list.