Friday, November 11, 2016

On and Off the needles

I finished the sweater over the weekend and love the way it feels,  I may be ordering more of Mrs. Crosby's Train Case yarn.  It is always interesting how the colors pool together in a variegated skein of yarn, the yoke has subtle stripes and the sleeves have no stripes just texture then the body of the sweater has definite stripes and look how they changed when I decreased or increased for the waist.

Socks for son are coming along. I had him try them on and they fit just right.  He asked me something about the socks for his brother so I showed him those socks which have 2 x 2 ribbing because he has skinny chicken legs the 2 x 2 ribbing makes them stay up.  Then I said to oldest son that he has turkey legs, domestic turkey legs.  He laughed and laughed as he likes hunting wild turkeys. There is a huge difference between domestic and wild turkey legs, wild turkey legs hang over the edge of the roaster and have all those tendons which are as tough as bones and a bugger to separate from the meat. 
 I started the reading mitts for my new jacket, there have been a few mornings or evenings when I have gone out that mitts would have felt good.  Our sunny warm days are numbered and coming to an end.  It is always interesting how the colors change after a skein is wound into a ball and then knit, the blue that matches my jacket has melted into the purples.

The first stocking cap is finished except for the pompom. I have a couple more of these to knit before Christmas.  I'll see how much yarn is left to determine how fluffy the pompoms will be.  Happy knitting.  --Ann-- linking to Judy's OTN


Ramona said...

Your sweater turned out beautifully, Ann. And I just love your sheep hat. I saved the pattern to my library and will get the yarn to make one soon. Your mitt yarn is yummy!

Judy S. said...

Love those hats! And also the color of your mitts. Nice sweater, too.