Thursday, November 8, 2018


I never pass up the opportunity to crunch through leaves when I go for a walk.  I used every ounce of restrain walking past one very impressive pile of leaves.  I would have had to deviate far off the path to jump in the pile.  I can just see the report in the paper 60 some year old woman caught jumping and scattering a pile of leaves, home owner called in a complaint of malicious mischief.  I'm so mature some days.  The sound brings back memories.  We didn't have many trees on the farm when I was growing up, the trees were as young as I was but we would frequently go the the state parks near us.  Mom would pack a picnic and Sunday afternoon we would crunch through the leaves and we would pick the bits out of our socks all the way home.  I have seen a few people raking leaves and only one child jumping in them the rest are  using their baggers on the mower or the leaf blower in reverse vacuuming clean their grass.
Some of the leaves stained the sidewalk on a wet day but it fades so quickly.  --Ann--

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barbara woods said...

Have a tree just like that on my trail that I walk