Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Monarch Butterfly

What a gorgeous morning it is!!!!!! so I took my coffee (vitamin C) and went out to the patio to get some vitamin D. Before my first sip I saw a Monarch butterfly on my zinnias so I grabbed my camera and snap, snap, snap my coffee was cold. She was the first Monarch I had seen in almost 2 weeks.
I know she is a female because she doesn't have the black spot on the lower wing that the males have. She was so busy with the zinnias she didn't notice me getting closer and closer.

Anticipating cooler days I sewed a cardiagan from a sweatshirt the other night. I just cut up the center and sewed a strip of fabric to the cut edge and turned it back and stitched again. The sewed buttons and buttonholes.

Happy stitching,

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