Friday, October 7, 2011

Birthday Reflection

One of my very dearest friends sent me this beautiful bouquet of lilies. Thank you!
I have been celebrating my birthday for well over a week now. It started with cocktails with the neighbors and son, then a weekend trip to Iowa to see cousins from Ireland who were visiting there, a stop at an apple orchard for a couple bags of fresh apples, calls from kids, and hubby taking me out to eat, then this gorgeous bouquet of lilies and they just get better every day.

I am midpoint of another decade. Looking back

10 things I've done:
Mendenhall Glacier Alaska
near Savar Sweden

  1.  Married a great guy
  2.  Traveled to Ireland, Sweden and Finland
  3.  Gave life to 3 wonderful children with the goal that they would become taxpayers.  I have to brag for just a minute here.  Oldest son was in the US Navy for 5 years, is finishing college and working very hard to establish a veterans resource center on campuses in South Dakota. Second son is a civil engineer and is deputy site manager of a wind farm in South Dakota. Youngest daughter is attending college in Minnesota and is in the dental hygiene program.
  4. Gone on a hot air balloon ride
  5. Built a house and still married
  6. Built another house and still married to the same great guy. We have moved 10 times in 30 years all in South Dakota.
  7. Have visited 30 states including Washington DC and Alaska and 3 Canadian Provinces.
  8. Hosted and exchange student
  9. Have completed almost 200 quilts  
  10. Am not taking any prescription meds or  prescription eye wear. Just drug store reading glasses in every room of the house.
10 things I would like to do
first woodcarving figures
  1. Visit all the state parks in South Dakota
  2. Visit all the dams on the Missouri River
  3. See the states I haven't been to especially the northeastern United States and Maritime Provinces in autumn
  4. Finish my kids photo books
  5. Take carving lessons
  6. Go sailing
  7. Take some watercolor classes
  8. Live in one place long enough to establish an asparagus bed   
  9. Drink wine and eat cheese in several European countries
  10. Avoid ambulance rides and hospital stays   
Seize the Day

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