Monday, December 12, 2011

Dough Day

Today was dough day, 9 kinds of cookie dough 1 clean up!!!
I start with the lightest, whitest dough and work my way through the nut and spice cookies and finish the day with chocolate. Nine doughs, 1 mixing bowl, one clean up, all recipes were cut in half, right down to splitting an egg.  That sounds like something from biology class, my way is easier and no test. Break an egg into a measuring cup, beat briskly, one large egg is very close to 1/4 cup, so spoon out 2 short tablespoons of egg into your mixing bowl. Half an egg for half a recipe.

Happy Baking,

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Lesley said...

Oh my goodness...don't I wish I lived next door to you! So is tomorrow baking day? Won't your house smell wonderful tomorrow!