Thursday, December 1, 2011

Santa Collection

My Santa's usually come out with the first snowflakes or the beginning of Advent whichever comes first, this year it was before Thanksgiving some years they come out in October but these early guests never wear out their welcome.

When I started collecting carved Santas I knew the woodcarvers who carved them and there were several in eastern South Dakota. 

The Saint Nicholas with  with the bishops hat and green robe looks  like his carver, his wife painted all his carvings with artist oil paint so the grain of the wood shows through she whispered good bye to the Santa with is finger to his mouth shhhhing as she put him in my bag.

Since we have moved several times I am never there when the Santas are for sale. Now I look for Santa when we travel, I found the tallest Santa in the back row in Alaska and the Santa with no arms and tan robe in Sweden (below Alaska and left). Hubby Dearest has given me several as he has learned to surf the internet.

 Each one has so much personality
I have always enjoyed doing needlework and got hooked on needlepoint, Santa's of course. I have tried to do one every year. Some were purchased painted canvases, some from cross stitch patterns and the last couple I have painted the canvases I have a new appreciation for those who paint the canvases.

You better be good 'cause Santa Claus is watching,



Frances Leate said...

Oh I just love your wonderful collection of santas and what a joy it must be to display them each year. Take care.

Pattilou said...

What a fun collection you have. No wonder you want to get it out early!

Lesley said...

Your Santa collection is amazing and it is obvious that they are well cared for by the owner! And so nice that many are created by you..doing a needlework Santa each year must be quite a feat! Thank you so much for sharing...a person can never have too many Santas!