Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Design Wall

Cuppa Cappa Mocha Choca Latte or just Coffee and Cream quilt but I prefer my coffee black and unadulterated

diagonal rows of light and dark
split Ohio Stars in shades of brown and tan

darks  together and light together
No two stars have the same fabrics they are all cut from 6" x 18" strips of fabric from bales from a company called Merryvale. Merryvale would buy an entire line of fabric and cut it into 6 inch  squares and bales and send samples to quilt guilds for a fundraiser. It was really wonderful if there was not a quilt store in the area because we could get the newest fabric available. I sorted the browns from many bales for these blocks and will make at least as many more for this quilt. This collection of fabric must go back 12 years so I may have a challenge finding a border fabrics.

alternating light and dark grouping similar colors and values together

Will there be a follow up in 6 months to see who has finished?  Goals and deadlines are always good.

Happy stitching,

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Eden said...

Oh gosh, I think I like the last layout the best because you can mix the higher and lower contrast blocks better and it somehow matches the scrappy look to it more. I peeked further down the blog at your Santa quilt. It is awesome! Love the quilting. My family and I were in your neighborhood this past summer driving east to west to visit the Black Hills and surrounds. Of course we had to stop in Mitchell to see the corn! Had a great time. I bet you guys are getting really cold already this winter. Stay warm!