Wednesday, November 16, 2011

End of the Scrap Pile

Log Cabin
private collection

This Log Cabin quilt is made entirely of leftovers from previous quilts and backing. The center squares are different sizes, the logs around are varying widths. When I thought the blocks were big enough I  squared and trimmed them all to the same size.

Most of the fabrics are woven plaids and stripes  a few are printed stripes and plaids.

The only thing more fun than buying new fabric is using is all up but I frequently wish I had a little more because I have the perfect place for it in the next quilt. Then I have to go fabric shopping again its a vicious circle!
I did run out of cut strips for some of these quilts and had to dig in my stash to find someting that would work. That is all part of the challenge and charm of scrap quilts. Making due just like Grandma. I miss my Grandmas.

Happy Quilting,

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