Saturday, November 26, 2011

Progress on Santa

The machine quilting is my favorite part. I must have pressed some parts too many times and melted the adhesive right off the bird's beak. I never had that experience before with fused applique.

In the past month I saw a quilt of a couple girls with long hair and mactavishing quilting in the hair and I made a mental note to study it more when I was closer to the quilting stage for quilting the beard. I have looked through 2 years worth of magazines trying to find the quilt and can't. My friends Jane and Phyllis came over earlier in the week  and Phyllis knew the quilt I was talking about but couldn't remember which magazine it was in either. So I wasn't dreaming it!!!!
Since I couldn't find the quilt I decided I should practice mactavishing the beard before I put it under the needle. That almost sounds surgical but I don't want rip and leave scars. So I put a sheet of tissue paper over the pattern and drew my quilting lines then laid it over the quilt consider the possibilities.
so far so good

there are three different white on white fabrics in Santa's beard and hair. I used gold metallic thread for the star rays and halo and broke three needles in the process, the thread usually breaks not the needles.

I still need to add some black quilting lines to Santa's face for  depth.
so close to finishing.

Happy Quilting,

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