Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Three Broken Needles

The needle broke 3 times when I was  machine quilt yesterday. It was too nice a day to quilt. Son called and said his dog wanted to spend the afternoon in the sun in my backyard. Remmi had a black nose before hunting season started.  Nose to the ground and off she goes! Coffee on the patio on January 10, 2012, no bugs, no birds, no gophers, little wind, just the distant sound of a hammer pounding on a new roof. A perfect day. If  son had brought her collar and leash we would have gone for a long walk. We just walked through the trees north of the house.  A few underdeveloped acorns left on the trees, a wee beastie bore a hole in each acorn. A perfectly round hole and all the same size.

Later I watched the moon rise through the clouds. The broken needle count was 5 by the time I went to bed.
Today there is snow and wind. A perfect day for quilting.

Seize the day,

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Frances Leate said...

Some times your machine is trying to tell you something but it only take one broken needle for me to go and sit in a chair and do some other hand stitching (any excuse). Take care.