Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Binding, Bags and Blocks

It all started when I dumped 3 baskets of scraps in search of the perfect piece of binding for this bag.

I knew I had black bias binding with mauve and turquoise diamonds, but where? It wasn't in the box of binding scraps.  By the end of the evening I had sorted and discarded a big bag of scraps  am I ever going to do anything with the scraps from the Hungry Animals prints or all the little triangles from snowball blocks? No! into the garbage! I cut the larger pieces of brown and tan into 1/2 inch strips for another bag or basket  found the black bias! and folded other scraps (large enough to practice machine quilting and make into pot holders) into piles that fit neatly into 2 baskets and refolded all the bias binding. Why is throwing stuff out so invigorating? exhilarating? liberating!?!

 Wrapped bag made from over 100 feet of cotton clothes line and almost 2 yards of well aged fabrics. The main fabric is a Hoffman print with sewing motifs; scissors, spools, thimbles and pin cushions in mauve, lavender, green and turquoise. Daughter thought the fabric was really ugly I told her it was almost as old as she is. She was impressed by the transformation from ugly fabric to stylish bag. And no broken needles!!!

 I also found 10 log cabin blocks and a bunch of strips and pieces to finish. 
An anything goes log cabin. The strips are from 1 1/2 inches wide to 3 3/4 inches wide, most are woven plaids and stripes with a few prints. I just sewed leftover together until the block was larger than 13 1/2 inches then trimmed it to 13 1/2.

Now how should I arrange them? Barn raising? Barn raising in the center and 4 dark diamonds?

Happy Quilting,

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Barb said...

Your log cabin is just wonderful!