Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Ground Hog Day!!

10 things I learned last year
  1. Tape the pasta box shut especially when I put it in the cupboard sideways other wise all the pasta ends up on the floor.
  2. The bread machine doesn't make dough unless the paddle is attached to the nub at the bottom of the pan.
  3.  Learned basics of woodcarving with minimal cuts to my fingers.
  4.  Chocolate with hot chili pepper in it is really really good. 
  5.  Chocolate with sea salt is good too.
  6.  Oven roasted parsnips and carrots are delicious.
  7.  Abbreviations for blogging and quilting HST is half square triangle not short for history, FMQ is free motion quilting, GFG is Grandmothers Flower Garden not my mother's initials with an extra g, WIP is Work In Progress, CRAP is Creative Resources And Projects which is all over my sewing room.
  8. Grilled pizza burns very quickly.
  9. Beets on the grill are the best.
  10. Washing windows is less work than moving.
    A very short true story:

    Hubby Dear was looking out the west windows at sunset last fall and made disparaging remarks including "I'm not building a new house so you don't have to do windows."  So Wifey Dear made an effort to wash the windows only to find that someone put the mini blinds so close to the screen that they would not come off without taking down the hardware for the blinds. The only way to wash the windows was from the outside with the windows cranked wide open.  The windows exceeded Wifey Dear's reach even from a ladder because there were basement window wells below each window.  So Hubby Dear bought a squeegee that could be screwed to a long handle.  Wifie Dear got a good start on the windows and noticed how dusty the screens were which led to vacuuming the screens and the mini blinds and the woodwork and the ceiling fans and the vents while Hubby Dear mowed the lawn. Then Hubby Dear finished the windows. Bless his heart! And Wifey Dear made supper.  The End


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