Tuesday, February 21, 2012


My favorite thimbles

I have had the steel thimble since I was nine, it was in the sewing box my mother gave me when I started 4-H. I don't really remember learning to sew with a thimble, I'm sure I only used it occasionally when my fingers were sore from sewing so furiously to get things done for achievement days or dress review. I like the goat skin thimbles best for hand quilting and hand binding. They are flexible on my finger but the end gets shredded from the needle. I just got the blue thimble it is soft, flexible and the tip is slanted but I haven't used it. They were out of my size of goat skin thimbles so I thought I would try the blue then in my search for thimbles for this post I found a new goat skin thimble. The fuzzy thimble in the middle is caribou I bought it in Alaska and I like it for hand applique.  Notice the  little pleats, it is gathered with a running stitches  to shape the end to fit your finger and the band to fit over your finger, it is very comfortable.

The four thimbles to the right were my grandmothers. I may start using them since reading all the thimble blogs.

its snowing and its coming down in globs!!

great day for quilting


Frances Leate said...

I collect thimbles because I ended up with so many when I was trying to find one I could comfortably wear when I did a little hand quilting some years ago. I just love collecting them on my travels but they are only for decorative purposes. Take care.

Jan Hatchett said...

Goat skin and caribou thimbles, how unique! Isn't it great how people have learned to use different materials for different items? I found your blog through Bonnie's thimble link up.

B. Acchino said...

The thimble on the right with the blue enamel band is from the 1950s, produced in Russia.