Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap year

Must be leap year because I am sewing something backward!

I started this back in January and after getting the first leaf at the bottom done it just felt wrong so I looked at all the Santas that were still up and I was stitching  backwards. All the needlepoint stitching I have done over the years I have stitched lower left to upper right like this//////
The dumb bunny here, my stitches are backward this way \\\\\\ upper left to lower right.  It just feels wrong!!  The only thing I can figure out  is I took my first stitches holding the frame on end with the rabbit nose pointing down so the stitches would have been ///// but when I turned him back on all four feet I was stitching \\\\\
Maybe I should replace the light bulb where I like to stitch with a 3 way that works on bright.

Leap year follies,

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