Friday, March 2, 2012

machine quilting

I had a really bad quilting day back in January when I broke 5 needles I was using a polyester thread that kept kinking and getting too tight in the top tension so I quit quilting on that quilt. I went to my Bernina dealer to get more needles because I was down to my last size 80 needle, she suggested adding a thread guide hence the paper clip and tape

so far I have gone through 2 bobbins of bottom thread at full throttle its fun to go fast and no broken needles or threads

happy quilting,


Lesley said...

Love your creative needle guide. What a gorgeous quilt you are working on!

Frances Leate said...

I love your quilt and thanks for the tip. When I quilt on my Bernina I usually have a separate spool holder with the thread I am using positioned a short distance from my machine which helps with some threads. Take care.

Linda at Roscoe's Ma said...

A paper quilt taped to a BERNINA...seems insane, doesn't it?!? Glad you found a method that works well.

terry said...

Love your daffodils header - looks like spring has come to your area at least quiltwise. Thanks for the paper clip tip. I mostly quilt with aurifil's monofiliment thread, sew on a Bernina and will give the paper clip a try. Any help that will assist the thread through its journey is a must.