Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tessellating Star Tutorial

 Sewing these is not difficult they just need to be kept in order.  I start by flipping the center square over the left triangle and sew from the ends to the center of the square and stop. Then sew the triangles to the square clockwise matching the base of the triangle to the edge of the square. Finger press the seams to the outside.
 top triangle
 right triangle
 bottom triangle
 sew rest of first seam
 press and trim dog ears
All bias edges on outside

To chain sew I start at the top on the left side and flip the center square to the left and pick up all the center and left pieces in one pile. Start at the top each time and pick up the top triangles, then the right triangles then the bottom.
I sew all the partial seams first then sew all the top triangles, all the right and all the bottom and then the final partial seam.
Press each one and trim dog ears and return to the design wall in order.

Happy stitching,

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canuckquilter said...

I've added this lovely quilt to my inspitration list. Tahnks for sharing!