Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Binding tutoral I

Preparing the binding
Simple math is all you need to figure how much fabric is needed for bias binding.

Outside measurement of quilt
width(inches) + length(inches) = ____ X 2 =  # inches linear length of binding X width of binding that tells you how many square inches of fabric you need. Most sources will tell you to find the square root of that figure????   its easier to divide by the width of the fabric
I have never liked cutting a large square of fabric for binding because there was always a narrow strip of fabric left why not use the full width of the fabric?!? 
an example
56w +78l = 134 X 2 = 268 inches  circumference of quilt

For double bias binding I cut 2 1/4 inch wide strips if my final stitching will be done by hand, I cut 2 1/2 inch wide binding if I plan to sew it all by machine.

268 X 2.25= 603 divide by width of fabric 42"  = 14.35 inches round up to 15 inches                  

This is very accurate for figuring how much fabric is needed for binding a quilt if the yardage is 45 inches wide. I usually add an inch or two just to be safe and I have noticed some fabrics are narrower on the bolt.

I drew a chalk line around the perimeter of this woven plaid so I would have a right and wrong side to the fabric.  Once or twice I did not mark the fabric and had seams on both sides and had to rip and re sew.

 Cutting  2 1/4 inches wide

Occasionally I use a single binding then I cut my bias strips 1 1/4 inches wide then multiply the circumference of the quilt by 1.25
Sew seams   chalk lines on the bottom and top just like the wrong side of the fabric.

Press seams open and press in half.
I always trim the seams as I press.

Pressing in half is very important if you don't press the binding slides  as you sew by machine then there are tug lines when you sew the second time just like stretch lines on garments that are too tight.

  Accordion fold there will be no twisting or tangles while you sew.

If I have a strip of fabric left from cutting borders that I want to use for binding I will divide by the width of the leftover strip instead of 42. 
603 square inches of fabric needed for binding divided by 15= 40.2 inches + a few inches

Sewing the binding tomorrow.

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