Thursday, April 5, 2012

Vegetable Dyed Eggs


It was a sad day when my kids were to big to dye Easter eggs. These are eggs that have survived a couple moves. At one time I had 12 dozen eggs  that I saved over the years all of them were blown. The reddish brown are from yellow onion skins, the blue are from red cabbage Yes blue. If you add vinegar to red cabbage it is a lovely magenta but the color doesn't stick to the turns blue. I wrapped celery leaves around the eggs and tied it with a square of cloth.  The light yellow is from turmeric. The pale pink is from beet root. I would getting things ready to dye while they were at school and more than once they came in the door and said "I sure hope that's not for supper, it doesn't smell very good." We used to bring a tree branch in the house and anchor it in a bucket with rocks and water then hang eggs on it. I t was always to fun to watch the buds open into leaves and flowers occasionally it would bloom for Easter.

Easter Blessing,   Ann

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