Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Change and Relearning

I wish I could say I have been on creative sabbatical for the past 2 weeks but my computer hard disc drive failed at least that is what the computer screen said it really crashed and I lost everything, everything, photos, documents, photos, all the fishing sites that my husband frequents. photos, vacation photos, family photos, blog photos, quilt photos, bookkeeping on Quicken, everything. On the bright side I did do a lot of sewing while I waited for a new hard drive which was installed in short order but then all stuff the computer has to do to get itself ready for use and install this and that and calls to computer wizards in India and calls that lasted over 140 minutes each.  and if hubby dear were taking care of it I would be sweeping bits of computer off the patio.  And now blogger changes how to do things!!!! I do not like change that is forced on me, not one little bit! and things are still not right but I am muddling through.  I finished machine quilting and binding Hummingbird II, another quilt made with fabrics from the early part of this century. doesn't that sound pretentious? I like my old technology that was all purchased last century. My Elna has  never given me any grief and once I taped the paper clip to the machine for a thread guide my Bernina has been on her best behavior.

Relearning again is that an oxymoron?!?  Ann


canuckquilter said...

Oh, I feel for you! My computer did that last fall. It was not a fun time! I'm glad you got some sewing in though - your quilt is lovely.

Kate said...

Sorry your hard drive crashed - what a pain!! But that quilt is absolutely beautiful, so something good came out of all your hassle. :)