Monday, April 29, 2013

Old quilt

My parents are both gone and my brothers and I begin the monumental task of sorting through the house. My oldest brother chose this quilt but then he stuck it in my car. Thank you so much. It was made for our mother born in 1928 by her maternal grandmother. It has a wool batting, it is machine pieced and hand quilted in the ditch and around the pin wheels. As I look back through the family history books I learn that Great Grandma Lena was born in Sweden and died in South Dakota in 1952. I believe my grandmother (my mother's mother mor mor as the Swedes say as opposed to far mor for father's mother doesn't that make it easy to know which grandma you are referring and  mor far and far far for grandfathers) put the quilt together and hand quilted it. My Mor mor also quilted this click.  I think the quilting was done by the same person. I love that color of blue and see the hint of green in the grass, our snow is finally gone.--Ann--

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