Monday, September 30, 2013

Design wall

The last few days I have been flitting from one project to the next. I knit a little, read a little, sew a little, arrange a little and repeat in no particular order.  I've placed all the parts on the wall except the square-up border parts and the right edge. I wanted the circles to continue to the edge so I have 10 complete circles in each row rather than cut them off with the square edge of the blocks. Cover the half blocks rows with your fingers and see what a difference it makes.  I squared the skinny triangle to complete the half blocks. Now to figure out a method to keep-them-in-order-while-I-sew-them-into-blocks. The 4 skinny triangles have to be in 4 different blocks to make the 4 point star, so each block has 4 different fabrics in the skinny triangles which affects 4 different stars.  I'm calling this quilt Afterimage because I was seeing spots in front of me like the flash of a camera after spending an hour or so arranging the pieces.
 Sometimes I have a really short attention span so I started this quilt for a baby boy. I'm just going to sew and flip scraps around the tractors then square up to 10 1/2 - 12 1/2 inches and either sash or just sew the blocks side by side. I can see the little guy putting off nap time because he needs to find the tractors that match. We'll see how big it gets. Mindless sewing and trimming.......sometimes I need that.
And I did a little machine quilting on my glorified nine patch. Not sure what I am going to stitch in the ovals between the 9 patches but I'll figure it out when I'm doing something else.
 I finished the labels for the 3 commission quilts with lots of goofs and start overs. I put the wrong quilt name on one quilt label so I picked out the stitches and re did it then when I was looking at border stitches I saw that I was a letter short on  a name so had to do the whole thing over and left it for a couple days but yesterday when I picked it up again everything went together as smooth as could be. Do you every have days like that when one project is all problems but a different project just falls into place?
Tomorrow is my birthday! --Ann--
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Becky said...

I love what you are doing with the border blocks on the winding ways!! It makes such a difference. I have one cut out. I will have to try this as I am always "finishing" out the block pattern as well. I love all your projects. Fun!!

Howdy said...

Love the winding ways and yes the border makes the difference - well worth the effort... one of those quilts on my to do list.

Those tractors are cute and I could see them set so that they were planting rows all along each side - so that no one side is up or down... they just go round and round. Would make finding 2 of the same a bit more challenging too!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I love winding ways and hope to make one someday; yours is gorgeous... I'll try and remember to rest my eyes from time to time to avoid seeing "spots"! Your other quilts are stunning, too... I just love the tractors, as will some lucky little boy!

Vic in NH said...

Happy belated birthday! Love your "Afterimage" design!