Thursday, October 3, 2013


I think the older we get the longer we should celebrate our birthdays. It was mine on the first of October I started celebrating almost 2 weeks ago when I went shopping with daughter, I bought yarn and she started knitting. Less than a week later I was in the yarn shop again and bought yarn for a sweater. Oldest son bought 4 balls of Donegal tweed in Ireland last summer. I was at a loss for what to knit with 4 balls of yarn not quite enough for a vest for me. Anyway there is a striped sweater at the shop made from tweed fingerling, it is knit from a black or navy with a rainbow of horizontal stripes between. The colored yarns are all earthy, it would be a great sweater to wear with jeans. I explained what I had in mind to the gal in the shop and she directed me to tweeds in the appropriate weight and some others that I would have to knit double then I saw this variegated tweed in the right weight I thought I could knit to the color change then knit a couple rows of my grey then knit the next  stretch of color.They thought it was a great combination and pulled out a pattern. Might start today because it is rainy and chilly.  Happy birthday to me.
Hubby took me out for lunch at my favorite restaurant. We went out for supper Saturday night, I had salmon it was delicious. Son brought me a half dozen beautiful bug free apples from his tree. I got birthday wishes in church. I found birthday cards in the mail, my very dearest friend sent this beautiful bouquet of flowers, thank you Ann.

My quilting friends came for lunch on Wednesday. I served lunch on my mother's dishes.
 My mother bought the forget-me-not plates with her weaving money to go with the blue tea set she bought in Sweden in 1952, they are the palest blue. I used my Fostoria goblets and Tyrone crystal wine glasses, I almost got out the sterling silver but that is tucked away in daughter's room because I don't have room in my cupboards for it. Then I would have had to buy a silk blouse and dress slacks to be dressed up enough for the luncheon. It was elegant yet casual and a delightful afternoon.  It's only the 3rd of October I plan to celebrate a couple more weeks.--Finding reason to celebrate the everyday things along with the milestones.--Ann--

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