Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Everything is Just Beachy!

 Machine quilting this has been fun. A lot of spirals in and out of the beach balls where the stripes go in circles and loops or Vs when the stripes are the other directions. Lots of scrolls for waves in the turquoise. And of course a red hand for Wilson, from movie Cast Away on the black and white ball. It was suggested that I applique a red hand on the black and white ball but I thought that would look too much like the Red Hand of Ulster. Upon finding the link my thumb is on the wrong side for the Red Hand of Ulster. Some crazy Irishmen had a bet on who touched the shore first could claim it for their kingdom, they were racing in row boats, so the one who was behind cut off his hand and threw it ashore. I wonder if alcohol was involved? I free motion quilted sailboats in the borders and squiggly lines between the sails for clouds. Some of the stripes made me think of the setting sun as I was stitching. Now onto  the binding. Happy sailing--Ann--

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Raewyn said...

It looks great Ann - fun quilting for a fun quilt. Just the binding to go - you'll be done in no time :-)