Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Safe spot found

 Yesterday I couldn't find the Buggy Barn book Certifiably Crazy because I put it in a safe spot. I looked in 4 safe spots before I found it. The book shelf, the cutting table, the catch all table, the other bookshelf where I have to get on my hands and knees and look under the table and hold my head at an uncomfortable angle so I can see through my reading glasses and be careful I don't hit my head, then I looked on the first book shelf again. Where was the last time I saw that book???? When I was deciding on a pattern and fabric! I pushed the whole stack of books into the fabric stash closet. The bad thing about safe spots it they move all the time. Things are never ever in the same safe spot as the last safe spot.
I found more fabric for the next quilt, this will also be a snail trail but I am going to sew it together in a different order so I don't have the sharp points intruding into the previous round of triangles. Buggy Barn calls the block Monkey Business. If you have never sewn a Buggy Barn pattern you should, they are fun, you stack up a bunch of fat quarters, iron the freezer paper with the pattern traced onto it, cut, shuffle and sew! It is the best possible way to sew a block with a five point star. Happy stitching--Ann--


Frances Leate said...

I know all about safe places and catch all tables and am very pleased that other operate in the same way with the same problems. Take care.

Vic in NH said...

This post made me howl with laughter as I can SO relate to safe spots and items that grow legs and move without warning. Thanks so much for the chuckle! Loving the new colors, too!

Judy S. said...

Your post made me smile. DH put something in a safe place on Christmas Day, and he just found it last week. You beat that! Your Snail Trail is really pretty!