Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Trees on the Prairie

See in the distance there are trees on the prairie and given the chance to grow they will have the most beautiful symmetrical shape and provide a welcome canopy of shade. I finished this quilt a couple weeks ago but it has been too windy, or too hot, or too cloudy, one day was too foggy, or too much dew on the grass or even too wet and rainy to take pictures and today is just right, nor more excuses, sunny almost no wind and getting a little too warm. Just listed on etsy. Thanks for the comments yesterday still no clue as to why some go to my email and some do not and some responses fail to send.--Ann--


Terri said...

Love your trees quilt. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Raewyn said...

oh I love this quilt! Beautiful finish, and great photos - it was worth waiting for the weather to come right!