Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Curved Piecing tutorial

Sewing quarter curve blocks is easier than setting in a sleeve or sewing a collar on a blouse. After sewing all the wedges into quarter circle segments trim a smooth curve using a templet.
Finger press the center of the wedge section and the background fabric.
Match and pin the crease.

I also pin the beginning and end edges.
Begin sewing making sure the edges are at right angles.  I use my finger nails to scratch the edges into alignment as I sew the seam. It is a very gentle bias curve and if cut accurately  there will be no puckers when you get to the center pin.
Scratch the edges together for the second half of the curve, open and look no puckers!
The small quarter circle is a little tricker because it is so small.  I match the edges then sew a few stitches
as I am stitching I pull the quarter circle around to meet the wedge section. I stitch slowly on this part.
Pull the quarter circle edge around to meet the edge of the wedge.
press and wow! these blocks will all be trimmed so they are exactly the same size. Then everything fits together so nice and straight.  Be brave try sewing a curved seam and remember the three P's......  Practice, Perseverance and Patience--Ann--

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