Thursday, April 9, 2015

design wall

New assignment on my design wall. I have been asked to  make another log cabin and fan quilt click in pinks. I had a wonderful bunch of pinks but I used them in these click,  click  just because I had the fabric. It is good to use the fabric in the stash.  I have a little fabric left from those quilts so that was my starting point for this quilt. I didn't want to use pale pinks and make it babyish or lots of hot pinks and make it look juvenile. I put them all on the wall just to see how nicely they play together.   If I use the lighter pinks for a scrappy light side of the log cabin block they are going to be more medium in value there is a big jump in value of my light pinks and creamy pinks.  I do not have enough of any of the lighter pinks for the background of the fan blocks and if the background is not real close in value the fan block backgrounds are going to look like clutter.  Clutter is a working part of my sewing room but doesn't belong in the quilt.  I have enough creamy pink fabrics that I could do a round of each print.   Or I have plenty of the second light from the left that I could use it for all the log cabin blocks and the fan blocks.  There are a couple fabrics I might remove from the mix completely. I should work on something else for a while and think more about this. It is funny how sometimes in a fleeting glance I can identify  what needs to be removed.
Hubby dear came into my sewing room while I was pondering the possibilities so I explained it all to him, he just smiled as his eyes glazed over with a look of what does all that mean?  I know my fellow quilters understand. --Ann--

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Vic in NH said...

I loved seeing your design wall of lovely rose tones and with those soft neutrals, it will be so romantic!