Thursday, May 7, 2015

Kids books

Yesterday I wrote about my fern leaf poppies and how I thought the buds looked like a Suess creation. I was subbing in th elementarty school library and as I was re shelfing books I found (click) The Boy of Fairfield Street about Dr. Suess written by Kathleen Krull.  I was not swamped with kids or books so I read it. It was delightful, I want to read  his books all over again.
I set aside another book to read because the cat on the cover looked just like  Floyd T Cat, my cat from many years ago.  The book was (click) Lost Cat by Roger Mader. The illustrations were all from the cats point of view so lots of shoes. The cats owner moves and the cat gets left behind, they go back but the cat has disappeared, the cat meets lots of shoes in search of Mrs. Fuzzy Slippers. The search is on for the cat to adopt a new owner.  The story was sad and funny for me because 29 years ago shortly after second son was born I let Floyd T out and by the time I had SS settled for a nap Floyd T decided to look for a new home. Years later Hubby who sold veterinary supplies was in a veterinarians office in the town where Floyd T disappeared. There was a cat who looked just like Floyd T and the vet said the lady found her as a stray a few years ago.  I'm glad she found a good home.  Never too old for picture books--Ann--

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Terri said...

I love the picture books too. I always tell myself I'm doing research to write and illustrate one myself. Let's face it... If I haven't done on at this late date I probably won't be doing one. Just enjoying the other ones. I'm glad you do, too. I'll bet there are a bunch of us.