Monday, August 10, 2015

Summer Reading and Travel

 We have been home from our trip for over a week. I have been doing all the usual catching up things and pulling weeds then I get cleaned up and sit down and read and read some more.  Books I have read since May........ and I see a recurring theme in the setting, Scotland.  We spent 3 weeks in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Auld Acquaintance by Ruth Hay about a Canadian woman who inherits a house in rural  Scotland and learns her family history.
 Outlander by Diana Gabaldon  the 1940's heroine visits a stone circle and fall through a portal to the 18th century Scotland.

Beltany Stone Circle in Donegal County with Irish cousins.  No one fell through a portal to another dimension but then it wasn't the summer solstice.

The Waiting by Cathy LaGrow  for book club a true story that starts in South Dakota
The Sunday Philosophy Club by Alexander McCall Smith takes place in Edinburgh, Scotland
44 Scotland Street by Alexander McCall Smith  takes place in Edinburgh
The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown again  ends up at Roslyn Chapel in Scotland

This is Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburgh photography was not allowed inside but every surface is carved. How could anyone pay attention to a sermon with so much to look at?!?

 Foreign Body by Kathleen Taylor  South Dakota author and setting
The Amber Keeper by Freda Lightfoot about an English governess in Russia in early 1900's
A Wilder Rose by Susan Wittig Albert about Rose Wilder Lane daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder 

Scotland when the sun comes out.....I thought Scotland would be like Ireland only bigger, it is not only bigger but taller, the mountains are tall and steep and some still had snow.  Gorgeous!!!
More travel pics tomorrow and probably the next day too and then I need to get back in my usual routine.  Its good to be home. --Ann--

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