Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A little rain a little sunshine and a few blooms

I know these are a weed but they are the first yellow flowers of spring.  They are yellow, I love yellow flowers no matter where they rank on the gardeners scale of friend or foe.
 What a difference a little rain makes and then a couple days of sunshine with warmer temps.......

 I don't think there is any flower more cheerful than the daffodil.

My fern leaf peony is going be be early this year as long as it doesn't get nipped by frost. They way the buds are nestled in the foliage always makes me smile, like a fuzzy duckling or gosling or a creature from a Dr. Suess story.

And then I walked out to the garden and found a few stalks of asparagus  finders eaters.  
Hope your spring is full of cheerful blooms--Ann--

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Ramona said...

My mother always said that a weed is just a misplaced flower! Your tulips and daffodils are gorgeous. I have never heard of a fern leaf peony, but am going to have to find one. I bet it is gorgeous when it's blooming. Happy Spring!