Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Son with the wind towers invited us out to his little world on top of the hills to see the crew repairing the blades. They dropped cables down from the top then the lift went up the center cable, when they were as high as the blade the pickup on the ground pulled the lift to the blade so the guys could do the repairs. The tip of the blade is about 20 feet from the tower.  Damage to the blades was caused by lightening strikes. Thankfully son only goes up the tower on the inside.  --Ann--

pre car i ous  1. dependent on circumstances beyond one's control: uncertain 2. dangerous because insecure or unsteady.


Can't Stop Stitchin said...

WOW ~ I LOVED this post. Recently I saw for the first time a wind tower here in NH in the mountains, and was amazed at it's height on top of the mountain and wondered at its massive size. Loved seeing your photos of a tower up close! thank you for posting. So glad your son goes up on the inside too!

FleurBleue said...

They're beginning to creep into our area of France now and have caused a lot of controversy...I love them but many loath them.

Karen M. Walker said...

thankfully...he goes up inside! we have those in the Gorge along the Columbia river in Oregon...they are so massive and beautiful. they remind me of giants roaming the world! :) karen