Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Getting ready

 I pulled out all the Christmas quilts then I wasn't in the mood to deck the walls and halls and beds. We haven't celebrated the first Sunday of Advent yet, which is all about getting ready. So instead..... savor my coffee,  write my do list, mark things off last weeks list, read The Lost Symbol,  knit a few rows, look through my file of Santas, gather paints, look for scroll frame, tidy up work space in sewing room so I can paint, find scroll frame, get out box of finished Santas, look through file again, heat up lunch, knit a few more rows, look for a shiny paper plate to use for a palate, get out light box, find light, plug in light, begin painting, squeeze more paint on palate, time for coffee, finish painting, get out box of yarn, pick colors, wait for paint to dry. Tomorrow I stitch.--Ann--


Lesley said...

What a great colorful post! Love your little Santa just waiting for you! Enjoy the 'getting ready'!

FleurBleue said...

Your Christmas quilts look positively joyous.

F x