Monday, August 12, 2013

Design Wall Three Queens and a Glorified Nine Patch

 The blocks sewn together
 Borders added and on the quilt frame for spray basting. (click to see the other 2 log cabin fan quilt tops or click on Design Wall in the label section to see the design process.)
 Glorified nine patch using Quick Curve Ruler---slick and click!
I spent Sunday afternoon spray basting quilts in my garage. It was the biggest space available and since darling daughter got a job and found an apartment, her stuff is in the garage until the apartment is ready.  She had a table and chairs so I only had to move the car and take 2 more chairs to the garage and the quilt frame and all the necessities but compared to moving furniture in the house then squeezing around things. The garage was the easiest.  And she helped me with the spray basting. The quilt frame sits on the backs of the chairs with the table underneath so the quilt doesn't fall on the garage floor. (click quilt frame how to)  My fitbit said I walked almost 8000 steps, that's almost 4 miles! just basting the quilts and all the trips up and down the stairs to the dryer to fluff the batting and steam the backings and back and forth to my sewing room for the little tools. Then to put it all away again. My feet were tired by the time I was finished. My design wall is bare I will put some fabrics or unfinished blocks on it to ponder the next project. Sometimes solutions come at a glance while I machine quilt these three queens and a glorified 9 patch. and one more link to Judy's Design Wall Monday and be inspired. --Ann--


Cathy said...

I love your log cabin, fan quilt. The motion, the colours, everything. Great job!

Teresa in Music City said...

Love your Log Cabin!!!! And I never thought to use the QCR for the Glorified Nine-patch - what a great idea!!!

Sue Daurio said...

Such great quilts. Love the log cabin. The gloried 9 patch is just wonderful!