Friday, August 2, 2013

on the needles

 July was the month to unravel. I started the blue green socks and was knitting a 4 by 1 rib, it was really boring so I ripped and restarted and am using a p1 k1 slip k1 p1 pattern much more interesting.
Socks for oldest son...... hubby tried them on, they wear the same size shoe, they were huge so rip again and start over, son is coming home this weekend so he will try them on before I go farther. I like the way the colors are pooling and will look more like camouflage.

 These are for my daughter, I love the cheerful colors just like her. I just started increasing for the gusset. And wonderful news she got a job as a dental hygienist!!! I have 3 taxpayers now!!!  and isn't that what this country really needs is more taxpayers! I've done my part.
My go bag with pockets on the inside are just right for a ball of sock yarn in each no tangles.  Life is good. --Ann-- 
P.S. the sweater from my last "on the needles" post was huge, really huge, I tried it on then laid a couple other sweaters on top, it was huge so I am ripping that too. Good thing yarn is so forgiving. check out on the needles at Judy's blog. Hope everyone's knitting is a size that will fit.


Judy D in WA said...

Oh No! Good thing July is gone. No ripping back in August, only full steam ahead!
Love all the sock yarns and that bag! I've been thinking of making one with 2 pockets like that, now I am inspired. Thank you. :)

sklinn62 said...

I have neglected my socks this month. Yours are beautiful--I need to pick mine up again.

susanssnippets said...

Beautiful socks! I particularly like the yarn used for your son's socks. What yarn is that as my son loves anything that looks like "camo". :)

Teresa in Music City said...

Love all your sock projects! I'm hoping to get a few more pair made before cold weather. My first pair was too small and the second pair was too big. I'm putting my hopes on the next pair being just right! :*)