Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Small wonder on Wednesday

 As I sort through my parents house I found this game. I remember playing it at my Grandma's house. See the patent date and the gitcha-to-buy-it tagline "child improvement games"
 I remember my kids playing it at grandma's too.  My uncle's initials are on the edge of some of the boards. I guess he liked fruit and field flowers, they didn't call them weeds.
The vegetable board shows the most wear, the boys must have fought over it or maybe it was "here you take it this round". All the little plugs are the same size so Grandma put some pencil marks to match the blossom to the right plant.
I think the colored pencil drawings are just delightful. What is really amazing is all the little plugs are there.  In 101 years none have been lost. I'm saving it to play with my grandkids someday. They will say didn't they have electronic games when you were little and are you really that old!? by the date on the game. haha --Ann--


Howdy said...

What a wonderful piece of history you have there! I wonder how many hours worth of fun those puzzle boards gave you and your family.

Lesley said...

So nice to see and read about this game!

Raewyn said...

Gosh what a treasure, and so many memories for you too. Yes, I can imagine some grandkids in the future looking for a button to turn the board games on!!