Thursday, July 25, 2013

out of the cupboard

  My second son stopped over the other day and saw this quilt from his childhood and asked if he could take it. I said yes I could use a little more space in my closets but I wanted to take a couple photos first. I have photos and notes in an album but not digital. It is a block that doesn't really have a name, a big triangle, a square and two small triangles that can be put together in so many ways. I saw a quilt with this block in a magazine years ago and the maker called it angle irons. That name stuck with me because it is a simple block, it is a strong block and it is a useful block like angle iron. It can be put together in many ways and works good with other blocks like angle iron. I did the barn raising configuration. I looked in my quilt album and I did name this quilt Angle Irons and I made it in 1997.  D2S (darling second son) picked the colors red, blue and green, I chose the fabrics. I remember finding the truck fabric for the backing but it was a bit pricey at the time so I stretched it by adding roads between.  Son had so much fun playing with his little trucks and cars on the back of this quilt he became a civil engineer. Do children's playthings shape them for life!??! I see I didn't make a label for this quilt. I should before he takes it even if I just write in a road the important information. This was my earliest machine quilting...just stippling with my Elna, it got the job done. --Ann--

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Vic in NH said...

A fabulous quilt with a wonderful story to it! I don't know if you ever follow Bonnie K. Hunter over on, but she calls this block a shaded four-patch. Thanks for showing the quilt!